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Simple Living - What It Is Really All About

The world has become a scary place, governments around the world are printing money and still the world spirals further into chaos. I have changed my life significantly to try to protect myself from some of the effects of the actions of politicians, and during this change I have discovered a whole new way of living, a style of simple living which is economically more sound than most government policies sand more satisfying than many of the super rich will ever experience.

Knowing where to start is often the hardest thing about changing your life, but it is also the easiest thing. Simply pick up a newspaper today, turn to a health section and see what upsets or shocks you the most; now you have your starting point.

Recently many people have been horrified at the problems emerging across Europe over the contamination of beef with horse meat. This is worth a lot of thought. Ask yourself questions, why did it happen, what went wrong in the process, how can I be sure that I will be OK? The truth is that the only way you can be sure that you are not going to be affected by this sort of thing is to avoid mass prepared foods. This then lead one to wonder where is the best place to buy food? The answer is simple, locally. If we all bought everything locally we would know where it came from, how it was reared or grown, and in many cases where it was stored. These are important factors if you want to take control of your food.

The problem with eating meat from a butcher and vegetables from a grocer or farm is the cost; initially it appears a lot more expensive. This however, does not have to be the case. I spent years positively avoiding butchers because I found them intimidating and expensive, but over time you do get over these fears. You can either find a 'partner in crime' to go on these expeditions to the butcher with you or you can simple brave it out yourself, what I can guarantee is that most butchers love regular customers, and once they get to know you they will help you with decisions and they will advise you on cuts of meat.

Simple living isn't just about buying meat, it is about how you do everything; cook clean, hobbies, family, it is a whole way of life. If we stick with the meat idea a little longer you will see, you will see how it ripples across. Once you have your piece of meat (which initially may have created a dent in your weekly budget), you will want to serve it with good vegetables, then you will want those eating it to appreciate it, and you will not want to throw any of it out. The simple thought process above incorporates, quality seasonal vegetables, family sit down meals and thriftiness with left over's; this is where simple living starts to take over and your quality of life improves.

I try to never throw any food out, in fact I don't throw much out at all, egg cartons, boxes, its amazing what gets reused once you start to look at it differently.

By changing my life to a simpler way of living I have halved my food bills, lobbed a huge chunk off my cleaning and general household bills, and the saving keep piling up, every month is cheaper than the one before.

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