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How To Turn Your House Into A Fun Home


By Ifeanyi Emenne

These days, I sneak out of the house anytime I want to go out. You may want to know why a father has to sneak out of his house? The answer is very simple. I have made my children fall in love with me. They love me so much that they would never let me out of their site.

I have discovered some secrets that can turn any father into his family's darling. The secrets are so simple that anyone can implement them. They have helped me in raising two wonderful children that adore me so much.

The first secret is that as a father you must learn to play with your children in the house. Run around the house with them. Pick them up and carry them round the house. If you can do this out of love, your children will never let you out of their site. This has worked so well for me that now my daughter will not go to bed unless I sing her to sleep while carrying her on my shoulder.

The second secret every father must learn is to appreciate every good thing their children do. Children love appreciation and would do all in their power to get more showers of appreciating from their parents. I praise my children for things that most parents would not even notice. For instance, I will praise my three year old son just for taking off his shoes by himself after school.

Everyone loves appreciation and if you can give out more of it, you would convert your house into a home of happiness. Remember that the complements you give will cost you nothing but it will get you a lot in return.

The third secret fathers must learn is to help out in the house. Most children especially the boys learn by observing their fathers. When they see their daddy helping their mummy in the house, they will learn that boys are expected to also help out in the house. Helping out in the house will also ensure that you have a happy wife who would readily tell your children that they have a great daddy.

Your wife will go out of her way to make sure that your house is turned into a home of happiness if you help out in the house. Do not wait to be told what to do. Just pick up a chore that needs to be done and start doing it and I promise you a house full of joy and happiness.

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