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How to understand the World of Our Young Children

Chose places to talk to your children in which the adolescents are comfortable to talk to you.

For example, you can talk to your children in a park or in a restaurant.

Try to talk to your children in a way that they won’t feel that they have to defend themselves. Pick subjects that both of you could give your opinions about, and do not accuse them.

For example, instead of asking him or her if they have ever smoked, you could talk about the article you have read about the increasing number of adolescents who smoke, and ask your child’s opinion about it.

You should have in mind that you cannot get all the answers by asking questions.

Your children might sometimes act in a way that they seem upset or angry. They might tell you that they only want to be with their friends. The message you should get from this, is that this is not the right time to talk, because your child is not ready for that. Do not keep asking them why they are upset.

When your children say that they want to watch TV with you, or they ask everyone but you to leave, this means that they are ready to talk to you and to express their thoughts and feelings. So, give them the opportunity to do that.

At the end, parents should first trust in God and then to add to their knowledge about raising children in order to help their children pass through the difficult phase of adolescence.

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