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How to Observe the World of Our Young Children

Experts propose some solutions for parents to observe the affairs of their children, without giving rise to an argument or a fight.

Try to enter more grownups to the life of the adolescents;

The better you know your children’s environment and the more you know the friends and acquaintances of your children, the more you can find out about the things they do.

These people could let you know about the problems of your children. Although your children might not want you to control what they do, they always need adults to help them. So, they might choose to trust other people, like their uncles and aunts, as they feel that they cannot take away their independence from them.

Try to go with them to the places they go.

For example, if your child wants to go shopping with his or her friends, offer to give them a ride, because everything matters for children in this age. They care about who likes whom, who has problems, who is mad at his or her mother, etc. When young people are together, they talk about everything, and you can hear them if you go with them.

Try to keep quiet and let them speak when they are with their other adolescent friends.

It is interesting to mention that many things that cannot be talked about at home, are brought up in the car. The reason for that is that people inevitably sit together in the car. Many parents believe that the car is the ideal place to talk to their children.

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