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Extend Your Help in the Household Works

Adopted from the book : "Principles of Marriage" by : "Sheikh Ibrahim Amini"

Although housekeeping is a duty of women, it must be realized that running the affairs of a house is not an easy task A housewife, however much time she spends on housekeeping, would not be able to do it all This is especially true when one has to entertain one's guests or when one becomes ill, etc Housekeeping is tiresome for a housewife and thus husbands are expected to assist their wives in this respect It is not fair that a man sits around the house idly while his wife remains busy in so much works It is only proper for him to help his wife as much as possible whenever he can. This help is a sign of affection which attracts one's wife to her husband and family It is not at all a manly act that a man should not touch anything around the house, or orders his wife around A house is not a command headquarters, but a place of love, kindness, and cooperation Dear sir! do not think that working at home is degrading On the contrary, through your assistance, your wife would appreciate you more The Prophet (SA) of Islam. who is the most revered person in history, used to help in the housework" 237 Ayeshah, the wife of the Prophet (SA) said :'Whenever the Prophet (SA) was free from his work, he used to sew his clothes, repair his shoes and used to work at home like other men':" 238

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