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Be Clean at Home Also

Adopted from the book : "Principles of Marriage" by : "Sheikh Ibrahim Amini"

Observing cleanliness is necessary for everyone everywhere. One must always keep his body and clothes clean. He must bathe himself at least once a week and must wash his face and hands with soap and water every morning. He must brush his teeth, comb his hair, trim his hair, wash his feet wear clean socks everyday and must also wear pure clothes. The holy religion of Islam emphasizes greatly about cleanliness and being well-dressed. The Prophet (SA) of Allah stated: 'Cleanliness is a part of the faith (of Islam)'." 218 "The Holy Prophet (SA) saw a man who was dirty, had messy hair and looked unattractive. The Prophet (SA) stated: 'Using the blessings of Allah is a part of the faith (of Islam)'." 219

"The Prophet (SA) of Islam also stated: 'A dirty person would be a bad worshipper of Allah '." 220 "In addition, the Holy Prophet (SA) stated: 'Jibra'il (Gabriel) laid so much stress on brushing the teeth that I feared for them'." 221

"Imam Ali (AS) stated: 'Allah is beautiful and he likes beauty. And he also likes to see the effect of his blessings on his servants'." 222 Cleanliness and beauty is not only for women, but men should, also be clean and well-dressed. Some men are not bothered about their cleanliness and take a bath only once in a while. They do not care for the state of their clothes and do not bother about trimming their beards. They smell badly and thus make others keep away from them.

Those men who are careful about cleanliness and do lay importance on their clothing, mostly do so outside their own houses. That is they look clean and well-dressed outside the house for the people, not inside their homes for their families. They appear very smart in the streets, gatherings, etc but as soon as they return home, they change into worn out clothes. They rarely attend to the state of their hair and faces at home for the sake of their families.

They might not even bother to wash their faces before eating breakfast. Men of this kind make their families not bother to look at them. Dear Sir! if you cannot tolerate a dirty and shabby dressed wife, and you expect her to look clean and beautiful at home, then be sure that she expects the same from you. She, too, hates the sight of a dirty, smelly and untidy husband. She also likes to see you clean and smart. If you do not satisfy her expectations with regard to smartness, then she would notice other men who are clean and smart and she might even think they are from another world. She compares you with them and might lose interest in you. Therefore, try to look good at home as well as outside. Your wife would not notice other men if you were successful in drawing her attention toward yourself. Why should you look good for strangers in the streets but look messy before your wife and children?

Therefore, the holy religion of Islam orders men to adorn themselves for their wives.

"The Prophet (SA) of Islam stated: 'It is obligatory for a man to provide his wife with food and clothing, and not to appear before her with an unpleasant appearance. If he did (the above mentioned), then he would take care of her rights'." 223 "The Prophet (SA) of Allah also stated: 'You (men) must make yourselves tidy and be prepared for your wives, as you would like them (your women) to be prepared for you'." 224

"Hasan ibn Jiham says: 'I saw Hadrat Abu al-Hasan (AS) who had dyed his hair. I asked if indeed he had dyed his hair'. He stated: 'Yes, adornment of man (for the sake of his wife) helps her keep her chastity. Women who deviate from the path of chastity do so due to the carelessness and faults of their husbands.' Hadrat Abu al-Hasan then stated: 'Do you like to see your wife untidy?' I replied: '.No.' He then added: 'She thinks just as you do'". 225

"Imam Rida (AS) stated: 'Women of the Bani Israel deviated from the path of chastity because their men were not bothered about cleanliness and their good looks.' The Imam then added: 'What you expect of your wife, she expects the same from you'." 226

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