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Withdrawal (Coitus Interrupts)

Coitus Interrrupts means withdrawing the penis just before ejaculation. This was the most common method of birth control before the invention of modern devices.

Muhammad bin Muslim and 'Abdru Rahman bin Abi 'Abdillah Maymun asked Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq about withdrawal. The Imam said, "It is up to the man; he may spill it wherever he wants."1 However, in another hadith, Muhammad bin Muslim quotes the fifth or the sixth Imam as follows: "In case of a slave-girl, it is allowed; however, in case of a free woman, I dislike it unless it had been so stipulated at the time of marri'age."2

Based on this hadith, the majority of our mujtahids believe that coitus interrupts is allowed but makruh without the wife's consent.3

All methods mentioned above do not involve surgical operation and they are also reversible. A woman (or man) using these methods can anytime stop using it to have a child.


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Adapted from: "Marriage & Morals in Islam" by: "Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi"

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