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Who is eligible to marry?

For man to become eligible for taking a woman's hand in marriage, Islam has several recommendations. According to Islamic laws, when a boy attains the age of fifteen, or becomes sexually potent, he is baligh, and has attained puberty. But this is not enough for entering into a contract of marriage.

Apart from the laws related to puberty, there is a concept of Rushd 15 which can be translated as 'capability of a sensible conduct' or maturity. A husband has to be Rashid and a wife Rashidah; so that the responsibilities of married life are sensibly discharged.

Books of Islamic law may be referred to for exact details on physical and mental maturity.

Recommendation for Early Marriage

Islam highly recommends an early marriage. Even those who feel they would not be able to bear the expenses of family are urged to repose faith in Allah, as He is the Giver of Sustenance (Rizq), and go for an early marriage.


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Adapted from the book: "Islamic Marriage" by: "Sayyid Akhtar Husain S.H. Rizvi"

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