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The Youth and Idolescence Stage

The stage commences from conclusion of the seventh year up till fourteen years of the child's life. It is a stage of preparing the personality to become a rightly guided, matured and a member of a great society. From the beginning of this stage or a year before it the child gradually put an end to imitating the elders and pay attention to what is surrounding him. Then his mental ability is able to lonely imagined and able to grasp spiritual understandings.

In this stage the child began to think personally and deem himself as existing independent entity. He possess desire other than that of the elders desire, he will try to (challenge by doing what will annoyed the family to inform them that he is an existing independent entity) 210.

he will also try to emphasize his independence in different ways and stands that is contrary to what he was familiar with in the previous stages, he will choose all that concern or specially for him in a special form and in a way he understand, he will also possess special taste in selecting dresses, he will wish to acquire mental and scientific skillfulness single handed and try to establish social relationship with other children the way he chooses.

This stage is the most important stage the parents should display additional educational assistance to the child because this is the first stage of the child entering in to the social relationship broaden than before, that is the stage of entering school.

The child's relationship with the parents and the rest members of the family are among the effective factors in preparing and building the child's personality. All this relationships in detail leads to special attributes that accompany the child till his old age. The school also has a deeper effect on the child's personality where he found different children of high level of education or less intelligent than him and more or less active than him (he will obey them or over-come them or comply with them, which will affect his personal set up) 211.

There is another factors that has effect on the child's personality, that is the physical attributions like, tall and short, in terms of huge and weakness and in terms of healthy and sickness.

Another important factor is the effect of the thought that the child learns in his building personality, in this stage the child increase his needs, then it is incumbent on the parents to satisfy him on that 212.

Among it is his vitality inducement like the need of foods, drinks, dresses, and the need of psychological and emotional healthiness and freedom from anxiety need of acceptance by the society during his relationship with it and so on.

He is in need of care and commendation of his status; he is also in need to learn necessary skills for his success in the new life.

In addition to that, he is in need of philosophy, thought and understandings to conform with his level mentally.

This stage is the stage that need a condensed education and condensed follow up with observation of the independent created by the child.

The Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) said: "Child is a master for seven years, servant for seven years and minister for seven years" 213

The Commander of the Faithful Ali (peace be upon him) said : "Child is languished for seven years, trained for seven years and engaged for seven years" 214.

Imam Jaafar Assadiq (peace be upon him) said: "Leave your child to play for seven years, trained for seven years and compel him for seven years" 215.

This stage is a difficult training stage for the child's desire for independence and spread of his relationship outside the family, and then you need continuous struggles in training and supervision in all that concern the child, in his thought, his emotion, his relationships, his education and studies in order to satisfy his various needs. The child need a continuous focusing, guidance, education and assistance to sketch the ways of life to him and to endure all that occurs from him with ampleness and open minded accompanied with determination most of the time. The precise guide posts of this stage are as follows:-


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Adapted from the book: "The Child's Education in Islam" by: "Ismail Abdullah"

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