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The Trial of Ammar

Adopted from the Book : "Ammar bin Yasir" by : "Kamal al-Seyyed"

The Muslims were in a fix. They did not distinguish right from wrong. Their guide was Ammar because our Master Muhammad [s] said:

The unjust group will kill Ammar.

Amru bin al-Ass deceived the people of Sham when he said to them:

Be patient! Ammar will come to your front!

The days of the war passed, but Ammar was fighting at the front of right. He was always standing by Ali.

One day, Ammar and a believing group launched an attack. Ammar was fighting bravely. He remembered the days when he fought beside our Master Muhammad [s] . He remembered the Battles of Badr, Uhud and the other Muslims battles.

Though Ammar was fasting, he went on fighting. When the sun set, Ammar asked some water because he was thirsty. A fighter brought him a cup full of yogurt. Ammar smiled. Then he cheerfully said:

Tonight, I may die a martyr.

Some fighters asked him about the secret. He said:

My dear Allah's Apostle [a] has told me:

The unjust group will kill you. And your final food in this world will be a cup of yogurt.Ammar (May Allah be pleased with him) drank the cup of yoghurt. Then he continued fighting till he fell over the ground and became a martyr.

Mu'awiyah was about to fly because of happiness. Imam Ali [a] was full of sadness and sorrow. During those moments all Muslims knew the unjust group.

Some soldiers in Mu'awiyah's Army were waiting for Ammar's coming to their front. But they saw him fighting bravely beside Imam Ali [a] till he became a martyr. So, they sneered at Amru bin al-Ass' claim. In the meantime, they took advantage of the dark and began coming to join the Imam's Army. They knew that it was the front of right.

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