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The Unjust Group will kill You

Adopted from the Book : "Ammar bin Yasir" by : "Kamal al-Seyyed"

The Muslims in both armies were always repeating our Master Muhammad [s] tradition:

Ammar, the unjust group will kill you.

Ammar was in Imam Ali's Army. He was over ninety years old. Nevertheless, he fought as bravely as the believing young man did.

He looked at the sky and said:

Allah, if I know that you are pleased with throwing myself into the Euphrates, I'll do! Allah, I know that you are pleased to see me striving those corrupt people!

Ammar was with truth, and truth was always with him. So, he said:

By Allah, if they (Mu'awiyah's Army) defeat and chase us to the Hajar date-palms, I'll say that we're right and they're wrong.

When the battle broke out, Ammar addressed the fighters:

Who wants Allah's satisfaction?

Some believers accepted his words. So, Ammar led them towards the enemy. When the companions saw him passing through the enemy army, they followed him.

Although Ammar was fasting, he was fighting with great enthusiasm. In the middle of the battle, Ammar saw Amru bin al-Ass and said to him:

Amru, Woe on you! You've sold your religion for Egypt!

Namely, Mu'awiyah promised to give Egypt to Amru bin Al-Ass if the latter stood by him.Amru bin al-Ass said with trick:

No, I'm requesting Uthman's blood!

Ammar said:

I firmly believe that your action is not for Allah.

Then Ammar advised him:

If you won't be killed today, you'll die tomorrow. And actions are according to intentions. So, correct your intentions because Allah will reward people according to their intentions.

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