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The Severed Head of Husain Glorifies God

THE MOMENT THE Holy Imam's head was severed from his body and raised on the point of a lance, the severed head began glorifying God, aloud in clear words saying :-

"Allaho Akbar' (i.e., God the Greatest)."

Thus Husain won an everlasting victory over the Devil who could not annihilate Truth with the massacre of the Holy Imam, for Husain continued the glorification of the Lord even after his head was severed, from the point of the very lance in the hand of his enemy.

Thus the Holy Imam by his own example has made it openly known how abhorrent is falsehood and godlessness, how far it should be defied, what value to humanity has Truth and godliness. How dear it must be to every faithful one and at what cost it must be defended and upheld. And how death in the cause of Truth, unfailingly earns the life Real of Eternal Bliss.

Bodies of the Martyrs Trampled by the Devil's Cavalry

WITH HUSAIN'S MARTYRDOM, only the wielding of the sword by the Devil's forces had stopped, but immediately after the massacre of the Holy Imam and his faithful devotees, the brutes of the Devil's forces got busy in the other horrible deeds. Horses were shod afresh and the enemy's cavalry was ordered to ride over the holy dead bodies of the martyrs trampling them under the hoofs of their horses.

Adapted from the book: "Husain; The Saviour of Islam" by: "S.V. Mir Ahmed Ali"

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