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The Battle of Banu Mustaliq

On the blessed month of Sha'ban in the fifth year (1) of the Hijri calendar, Muslims were screaming their lungs out, “Ya Mansur! Amit (Oh, victorious! Bring death)” (2). They had just won a battle with a tribe that had been preparing to ambush Muslims (3).

The rise of Islam had put many tribes on their toes. The fear of losing worldly leadership and desired lifestyles were factors for hatred towards Islam. Thus, many tribes tried to put their differences away to come together for a common goal; to turn off the light of the Prophet (pbuh & his family). It would be wrong to let enemies block completion of the divine missions, hence we see that Muslims had a huge responsibility in defending the Prophet and his message. The only rational way for reaching the goal of spreading the religion of mercy - in many situations - was to enter battle to defend or attack any dangers.
The chief of Banu Mustaliq; Al-Harith ibn Abi Dirar had prepared his tribe and arranged with groups from various Arab tribes to go into war with Muslims. The Prophet (pbuh & his family) was informed, so he put together an army - which many hypocrites joined for the sake of booties and assurance of victory - and moved forward towards them. This strategy from the Prophet (pbuh & his family) was implemented so that the enemies could not besiege Medina, which would have made defending difficult. The two armies met near the water of Muraysi', 300 kilometers far from Medina and 120 far from Mecca.
The war took place and did not last long as Muslims easily defeated the Mustaliq without loss of any soldiers except for one. It has been reported by the enemies that they saw more horses in the battle than in reality, also they saw white things riding on horses and battling. When the war ended, the Prophet (pbuh & his family) as usual commanded that Muslims treat the captives with mercy and lenience (4).
The battle was succeeded with events:
- Juwayriyya; the chief’s daughter, who was among the captives became the share of Thabit ibn Qays from the booties. Juwayriyya asked the Prophet (pbuh & his family) for her freedom. The Prophet (pbuh & his family) paid the payment for freeing a slave and married her. After this marriage, Muslims freed the captives of Banu Mustaliq (5). 
- The dissension between the Al-Ansar and Al-Muhajireen, which was the reason of the revelation of Sura Al-Munafiqeen (6). 
- Many Sunni scholars believe the event of Ifk happened after this battle (7). 

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