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The Last Call of the Holy Imam in the Way of the Lord

Last LATER ANY one in the surroundings should say that he was neither called nor given any opportunity to serve the cause of defending the Truth by helping the Holy Imam who was fighting for it, Husain now standing all alone, bleeding from innumerable wounds from head to foot, having lost one and all of his godly comrades, having offered the last and the greatest of his offerings in the way of the Lord, the six months babe Ali-e-Asghar, gave his last call to humanity around him, inviting them to join him in the way of the Lord, saying:

"Hal min Nasirin Yansorona?" 'Is there any helper to help us ?' "Hal min zabbin yazubbo an Harame Rasoolullah?"

'Is there any defender to repulse the enemy from approaching the tents of the family of the Holy Prophet ?'

When there was no response from any one of the thousands standing around him, he then said aloud :-

".Alam Tasma'o? Alaisa fikum Muslimu?"

Do ye hear me not? Is there not even a single Muslim among you ?

Yet there was no response.

When Husain gave his final call to the world around him inviting the people in the way of the Lord, Husain's son Ali-eZainulabideen who was confined to bed with high fever, and who had just a little before received the charge of the Imamat from his father, got up and leaning on a staff, dragged himself out of his tent with his feeble sickly voice, walking towards the Holy Imam saying :-

"Labbaik Ya Abata, Labbaik!" 'Yes, Here I am 0' Father dear! Here I am."

Husain seeing his ailing Ali coming out tottering in the high fever, bade him saying:

"Get thee back 0' son! .41y progeny is to spring from thee."

It is reported that in resronse to the call from the Holy Imam, some mysterious voices of 'Labbaik ! Labbaik P (Yes we are here 0' son of the Holy Prophet) were heard from the spiritual world above, to which the holy Imam replied 'Thanks to you all, but my concern here today is only with the living in the physical world.' Saying this, the Great Godly soul the Ifoly Imam himself to be martyred by the Devil's forces surrounding him.

Adapted from the book: "Husain; The Saviour of Islam" by: "S.V. Mir Ahmed Ali"

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