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Husain's Camp Plundered and Set on Fire

THE NEXT MOVE of the brutes was towards the Holy camp which now contained only the helpless wailing ladies, the crying children, and Ali-az-Zainul-abideen the ailing son of the Holy Imam lying unconscious with high fever. They plundered the camp, setting the tents on fire. The gentle and noble ladies, who were the unique models of chaste and modest womanhood, and the innocent children ran hither and thither between the burning tents of the camp, and some of the poor children are reported to have perished in the fire. The brutes took the ladies and the children as captives, and the weak and the sick Ali-az-Zainulabideen, now the Fourth Holy Imam, was bound in heavy thorny chains, fettered and was most heartlessly treated as the sharp, piercing edges were almost choking him.

The Tortures of the Journey

THE HISTORY OF the tortures of the journey from Karbala to Kufa and from Kufa to Damascus which the sick Imam Ali, the helpless ladies and the young children were put to, is a very pathetic record of the worst brutality ever recorded on earth, the narration of which in detail needs a separate volume. The captives of the family of the Holy Imam were first marched on public roads and through the streets of the town of Kufa, to the open court of Ibna-i-Ziad the Governor of Kufa, and from there they were marched to Syria to be presented in the open court of the brute Yazid who before an audience of hundreds of his courtiers, seated on the throne there, were purchased by his wealth and who had signed the death warrant of the Holy Imam supporting the claims of the Brute to be Deputy of the Holy Prophet.

The Divine Light Shines Out

EVERY SOLDIER WHO was given the severed head of a martyr, to carry it raising it on his lance was made responsible for its safe custody. Khooli a hard-hearted tyrant was put in charge of the holy head of Husain. As the Brute's army marched from Karbala after the great massacre, it halted near Kufa where Khooli lived. Khooli left the camp in the night to visit his wife in the town and carried with him the holy head, and to hide it from his wife, he kept it covered under ashes of the hearth in the kitchen of his house. When Khooli's wife came out of her room in the middle of the night, she found a pillar of light rising out from the hearth in the kitchen. She was stunned and when she saw through a hole in the door, she found some heavenly figures descending from heaven on a severed head in the hearth. She rushed back into her room and waking up Khooli reported the matter to him. Khooli could no more conceal the matter and spoke out to her what he had hidden in the hearth. The good lady cried aloud cursing him saying:

"May the wrath of God be on thee 0' cursed One! Thou bast brought the holy head ofIlusain the Holy Imam in my house."

Crying aloud, shedding tears, the good lady madly rushed out of her house and out of the town, wandered out into the wilderness and never again entered the house, and ultimately gave up her life crying for the Holy Imam.

Adapted from the book: "Husain; The Saviour of Islam" by: "S.V. Mir Ahmed Ali"

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