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The separation of Lady Fatima Masuma (A) from Imam al-Rida (A)

Adopted from the Book : "Lady Fatima Ma'suma (S.A.) of Qum" by : "Masuma Jaffer"

Although the separation from her father had been very difficult, Lady Fatima Masuma (A) still had her brother to comfort her. However, in 200 A.H, Ma'mun (the 7th Abbasid Caliph), demanded Imam al-Rida's (A) presence in Khurasan. The departure of her brother further increased her sorrow. This separations lasted for only about one year, but sadly she passed away before they could be reunited.

When Amin (the 6th Abbasid Caliph) was killed by the soldiers of his brother Ma'mun, and Ma'mun became the Caliph, his rule was initially very unstable. The kindom was divided and Ma'mun felt the need to gather support. So as to gain the support of the Shi'a, he insisted that Imam al-Rida (A) come to Khurasan.

Here, he received the Imam (A) with great honour, pretending to respect his position, and even claiming to be his follower. The true test of his sincerity would have been to abdicate in favour of the Imam (A). Instead, he declared the Imam (A) his successor, never intending that that day shoul come.

The Imam (A) was forced to accept this invitation and he went to Khurasan, where his presence in the court of Mu'mun served the interests of the Shi'a and Islam. The Imam (A) reached khurasan in 200 A.H, and he was poisoned to death by Ma'mun in 203 A.H.
Ma'mun had prepared a document of the 'wilayat' (successorship) of Imam al-Rida (A) in five copies. One of these copies was sent to Makka, one to Madina, one to Sham, one to Baghdad and one was kept in Khurasan.

According to the orders of Ma'mun, the name of of Imam al-Rida (A) was mentioned in the khutba (sermons) of the Friday prayers, in all the Islamic lands and coins with the name of the Imam(A) were minted.

As a result of the intense desire of the Shi'a to be near the Imam, many of them decided to migrate to Khurasan. Some were also misled by the apparent respect being accorded to the Imam (A) by Ma'mun, and were unaware of his deceit and political ploys.

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