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Lady Fatima Masuma's (A) journey from Saweh to Qum

Adopted from the Book : "Lady Fatima Ma'suma (S.A.) of Qum" by : "Masuma Jaffer"

She asked Lady Fatima Masuma (A) became ill at Saweh, she enquired from her companions, how far Qum was. She was told 10 farsakh (approx 60 km).1

She asked to be taken to Qum, which at the time was a centre of the Shi'a.2 Saweh, on the other hand, was hostile to wards the family of the Prophet (S).3

Allamah Majlisi narrates:

"The more accurate narration is that, when it become known to the family of Sa'd Ash'ari, the leading Shi'a family in Qum at the time, that Lady Fatima Masuma (A) was in Saweh and that she was ill, all of them went to Saweh to invite her to come to Qum.

Prominent amongst this family was Musa ibn Khazraj ibn Sa'd Ash'ari who was a companion of Imam al-Rida (A). When he reached Lady Fatima Masuma (A), he took the reins of her camel and brought her to Qum, to is own house. Here she spent the last few days (16 or 17 dayd) of her life.4

It is believed that Lady Fatima Masuma (A) died on the 1th or the 12th of Rabi al-Thani and that she spent the last 16 or 17 days of her life in Qum, therefore we can estimate that she arrived in Qum around the 24th Rabi al-Awwal, 201 A.H.
The house of Musa ibn Khazraj ibn Sa'd Ash'ari, where lady Fatima Masuma (A) lived for the few days that she was in Qum, has now become a school named "Madres-ye Sittiyeh". [Sittiy means Lady - hence the name of the school is "School of the Lady"]. Till today, opposite the gates of this school and within its grounds there remains the alter of worship (mihrab ibadat) of this noble lady, where she spent hours of the last days of her life worshiping Allah. It has been named "Bayt al-Nur' - "the House of Radiance.". The site is popular with pilgrims, who go there to pay their respects.

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