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The Right Time for Eating Fruits

There are some important points to eating fruits; for instance when is the right time for having a fruit and why is that? Such issues are usually ignored and therefore, despite eating fruits, which we all normally do, not only does it fail to nurture your body and health, it even

turns into something harmful in some cases. So the next time that you feel like having fruits, consider these hints and use them until they become part of your habits.

Remember; don’t eat fruit after a meal because they should be eaten on an empty stomach!

If you eat fruit when you are hungry and with an empty stomach, it detoxifies your body system, and supplies you high rate of energy which is useful for both weight loss and your daily activities. But if for instance you have a slice of fruit after eating two bread slices, though the fruit is ready to go straight forward into your testiness through the stomach, the food blocks its way. At the same time all the meal you have just taken right before the fruit- rots and ferments and finally turn to acid. Therefore the instant that the fruit contacts the food and digestive juices in the stomach, all this mass of food and fruit begins to spoil, making you feel ill in some cases.

So always eat your fruits on an empty stomach or at least an hour before your meal. Many people often complain about how some fruits make them feel sick; but the truth is that they have eaten it at the wrong time and generally nothing is wrong with the fruit. You might have heard a friend say; “every time I eat watermelon, I burp”, or “when I eat a banana I feel like I will vomit”. All these things only happen when the fruit mixes with other foods which are putrefying; producing gas which makes you bloat!

You can avoid some signs such as graying hair, dark circles under the eyes, balding and nervous outbursts by taking your daily fruit at the appropriate time; in other words just when your stomach is empty.

Although it is commonly said that some fruits such as orange and lemon are acidic, this is not true as proved by research accomplished by Dr. Herbert Shelton and other evidence. As a matter of fact all fruits become alkaline in our body. The correct habit of eating fruits is the key secret to beauty, longevity, health, energy, happiness and normal weight.

If you like fruit juices, then just drink fresh ones and not readymade, canned ones! Remember that conserved and cooked fruits can simply give you a simple taste, but the nutrients and to be precise all the vitamins, are lost in the cooking and heating process.

It is wise to eat a fresh fruit rather than the juice because unless you take your time to drink the fruit juice, it does not mix with your saliva, which is a necessary procedure, before swallowing it.

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