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The Relation before Pregnancy and the Composition of the Child

After the process of selecting husband on basis of the noble Islamic criterions it commence gradually step by step with the child, in every step it has laid down a real foundation and laws for the child's composition and sound upbringing and the two spouses has nothing to do rather than to comply with the light of the laid down foundations and laws.

The Perfect and Majesty said : {And one of His signs is that He created for you mates from yourselves that ye might find rest in them, and He put between you love and mercy} 60.

It made love, cordiality, change of noble compassion and sharp feelings as the relationship between the two spouses. In other for the continuity of this relationship Islam has call for fastening the two spouses with the measures which has been stipulated by the divine method in life.

The wedding eve is the first step for the relation and connection of the husband and wife. Then Islam ordered us to comply with these divine measures so that the relation will not be like that of animalistic one. Observing two unit recommended prayer by the two spouses is the first of this measure followed by praise, commendation of Allah and prayer for the holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) and his house hold (peace be upon them) then seeks prayer for continuity of love and cordiality between them: (O' Allah provide me with her intimacy, cordiality and her pleasure with me, join us together with the best union, ease our harmony, verily you like lawful things and dislike unlawful things) 61.

Complying with that create tranquility, constancy and calmness in the first step of meeting and there will be no chance for the wife to fill unrest and anxiety hence the wedding eve is entertain able with love and cordiality.

At the stage of sexual relation this prayer continues and it recommended to say:(O' Allah provide me with a male child and make pious and intelligence with out addition or subtraction and make his ending a better one ).The best recommended prayer in the first sexual relation is (In the name of Allah the beneficent the merciful) 62.


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Adapted from the book: "The Child's Education in Islam" by: "Ismail Abdullah"

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