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The Memory and Remembrance of Fatima (s.a.)

The name of Fatima (peace be upon her) restores some scenes in our minds.…

Fatim’s name revives the memory of jihad and her confidence to Ali (peace be upon him) in minds as well as the story of Fadak and the stroke of the door on her side. Fatima (peace be upon her)’s memory exists in Medina, Kufeh mosque, Karbala and everywhere.

And at the time when there is a discussion of martyrdom, democracy, administering justice, and love, all of a sudden, Fatima (peace be upon her) is remembered (peace be upon her), because we see all these attributes in her character and life.

When Hossein and his martyrdom are put into discussion, the continuation of Ashora mission is talked over, and speaking of Hossein’s revolution as well as Hasan’s peace with his tender-heart is set forth. One involuntarily is set thinking who is the source of such education that has brought up such individuals?

In general, the more time passes, the livelier Fatima (peace be upon her) will be. Her remembrance reminds us of jihad and makes us smell the scent of Karbala Torbat (soil). Besides, the lesson of life and grandeur must be learnt from Fatima (peace be upon her). And she must be taken as a sample due to the fact that all her attributes are instructive: her childhood beside mother, her maidenhood in father’s house, her marriage, her motherhood in relation with her sons and daughters, her housekeeping, her life beside her husband, her love, her worship, her demise, etc.

The Dimensions of Discussion about Fatima (peace be upon her):

Analyzing and evaluating Fatima’s aspects of life are beyond our power, because it needs awareness and full knowledge of Fatima’s character. She is also a symbol, the symbol of a distinguished wife, a distinguished daughter, a distinguished mother, a distinguished heroin, a distinguished companion, a distinguished fellow and confidant, the symbol of worship, the symbol of love towards Allah, the symbol of pains and efforts, the symbol of campaigner, the symbol of patience, the symbol of administering justice, the symbol of serving people, the symbol of speech, the symbol of forbearance and self-possession, the symbol of politeness and humanity, the symbol of chastity and piety, the symbol of bravery….

How can we swim in the deep sea of her life, hoping that we arrive to the beach. Yes, everyone endeavors to trace some aspects of her life according to his apprehension and perception.

Adapted from the book: "Fatima (a.s) The Most Paramount Lady of Islam" by: "Dr. Ali Ghaemi"

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