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The Sorrow of Mountains

As strong and resilient as the human may be when facing heartbreak and devastation, these battles take a toll. Imagine witnessing your family including your children, brothers, and nephews all slaughtered before you. Imagine living in thirst and fear, and seeing young children crying for water. Imagine being taken as a captive by the people who killed your family. All these adversities are a glimpse of what the Mountain of Patience, lady Zaynab (s) went through in a short period of time.

The daughter of Amir al-Mu’mineen and lady Fatima al-Zahra (s) with all the pain and agony she was going through, stood strong in the face of her enemies. She had the stamina to play a vital role in reviving and continuing her grandfather's religion. However, this strong woman was hurt to a point that when she returned to her home in Medina, her hair had turned white and her back had bent into a curve. Some mention that when she returned to Medina, her half-brother Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiya did not recognize her. 
After the tragic events of Karbala lady Zaynab (s) lived the rest of her life in sorrow and around widows and orphans, who witnessed the greatest cruelty and betrayal in history. The remaining family of Ali ibn Abi Talib (a.s) did not know the meaning of happiness anymore, as they drowned in the misery of the martyrdom of Imam al-Hussein (a.s). 
15th of Rajab, 62 A.H., Lady Zaynab (s) passed away. The reason for her death is unknown, and historians have different opinions about her burial place. Some have defined it to be al-Baqi’ in Medina(1). A group of historians concur with the idea that she died in a small village in Damascus and was buried there. They recorded that she immigrated to Syria when Medina was affected by a disastrous famine, due to which her husband Abdullah ibn Jafar left for Syria (2). Another good number of historians have recorded that Lady Zaynab was buried in Egypt (3).   

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