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The School of Fatima (s.a.)

Under the protection of Islamic ideology and her outlook, Fatima (peace be upon her) built the thought foundation of a Divine and human school, including principles, rules and beliefs; a hopeful and life-giving school teaching us how to live and how to die. Fatima’s school, the pearly-gates to the other world to us, inverts the last generation’s way of life, and builds up a new world on the ruins. She rouses a new way of thinking, teaching us how to look at the world and life.

Fatima’s school endeavors to make the human beings hopeful, teach them the way of chastity and covering themselves, support the oppressed, consider the most sensitive matters of man’s life, settle justice in the society and not allow every one does what he wishes.

In this world that the people are victimized for feathering their nests, and the people are ready to yield themselves in a mean form for instantaneous pleasures, in this world that people, like imprisoned birds which strike themselves against the cage and try to take pleasure, Fatima’s school can be teachable and resolving.

Adapted from the book: "Fatima (a.s) The Most Paramount Lady of Islam" by: "Dr. Ali Ghaemi"

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