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The marriage of the children of Adam (PBUH)

The marriage of the children of Adam (PUH) from each other was a matter of a lot of controversy. Some people said that their marriage first was in the manner of a brother with a sister marriage since Eve used to have a male and a female at every pregnancy and the rule with them was the marriage of the female of the next pregnancy with the male of the previous pregnancy and vice versa and a brother was not allowed to marriage the sister that was born with him at the same time.

Then the consideration of lawfulness and unlawfulness is not independent of thinking itself, but it is an act of the legislator and they are created laws, the legislator can put them up or cancel them because he is the source of legislation, so then what is unlawful is what God made unlawful and what is lawful is what He made lawful,

so in the beginning of this matter it was lawful for the necessity and being among them only, but then after that it was made unlawful by God when they turned to be numerous and there was no count in the later religions for the necessity nor a criticizing for any difference in the laws.

In the beginning Adam let the brother get married to his sister by a commandment of God and it is lawful by the order of God and there should be no abomination because the laws were issued by Him and He is the source for them so no objection should be there from the created against the Creator, that is if this is the case.

But what is mentioned from the Household members (PUT) is that it is forbidden and they opposed it furiously. A questioner asked Al-Imam Al-Sadiq (PUH) and the questioner showed that the whole creation is in origin from brothers and sisters then said he (PUH): praise be to God, the Exalted,

the High above all what they say, do they say that the best of God's creation and the prophets came from a taboo and that God could not Make them out of lawful ways? i swear by God that I've been told that some animals did not know its sister and rided over her, then it got from over its back and knew that it is the sister, it bit over its own genitals until they died.

In a speech from Zorarah ben A'yon from Abi 'Abdullah Al-Sadiq (PUH) in a long speech, he mentioned what is told about the marriage of sisters and brothers until he said (PUH): Woe to these (who believe in the marriage of sisters and brothers) where are they about what was agreed on by the wisemen of Hijaz and wisemen of Iraq that God ordered the pen and it wrote on the Kept Board [this is the board of destinies, you can see a similar concept in other pagan religions,

like Sumerian] what is to be until the time of the doomsday and that was before the creation of Adam (PUH) by two thousands years and the books of God, the Exalted, were written by the pen and in all of them there is a prohibition for the marriage of brothers and sisters, until he said (PUH): and these are the most famous books in this world,

they are the old and new testaments, book of psalms and Al-Forqan (Quran), they had been revealed by God from the Kept Board on His prophets, peace on all of them, and there is no such legislation for anything like that, and anyone said that only wanted to support the opinions of the magians.

Then he started to explain the beginning of the race from Adam (PUH) and his children, and that he had Qabeel (Cain) and when he grew and been mature, God showed a faminine demon from Djinn called Johanah in the shape of a human so when Qabeel saw her he loved her, and then God sent to Adam to engage her to Qabeel.

Then he got Habeel (Abel) and when he grew and been mature, God revealed a nymph [notice nymph here does not mean "mermaid", but maiden from paradise with extra-ordinary beauty] from paradise to Adam and her name was Nazlah, so when Habeel saw her loved her and then God sent to Adam to engage her to Habeel and he did so. So, Nazlah the nymph was a wife to Habeel ben Adam and Johanah the one from Djinn a wife for Qabeel ben Adam and the race was out of them.

And Adam (PUH) had a daughter and her name was 'Enaq but she was a bad daughter and got a son that she called 'Ewaj and he was a mighty one and a foe for God and His faithful slaves and for every religion and Islam and he was a giant with huge body and could take a whale with his hand from the bottom of the sea then lift it up in the sky and grill it in the heat of the sun and eat it then, and he lived for three thousands and six hundreds years as been told. Then God sent someone to his mother 'Enaq daughter of Adam to kill her, and so she was killed and died after she gave birth to 'Ewaj.

It is mentioned also that after Adam got four males, God revealed for them four nymphs, so each one married one of them and gave birth, then God did lift them up again, then these four married also four from Djinn and they gave birth too, and from them all did come the race and made numerous, so anyone that is clement it would be rooted to Adam (PUH) and anyone with beauty then it would be rooted to the nymphs, and anyone with ugliness or bad manners that would be rooted to the Djinn.

What is mentioned by the Household (PUT) that the children of Adam (PUH), some of them married the nymphs and some of them married demons and they got children, so anyone of them would be with beauty and manners that would be from the nymphs and any one of them would be of bad manners and ugliness that would be from the Djinn (or demons), and anyway both tales leads to the same point.

And in a speech for Al-Sadiq (PUH) he mentions that Adam (PUH) got birth for seventy times, in each time he gets a male and a female, until God gave Adam Seth without any other, then when Seth grew and God wanted to reach with the race as you see now, He revealed at the after-noon of a Thursday a nymph from paradise that was called Nazlah,

so God ordered Adam to engage her to Seth and so he did. Then, He revealed another nymph from paradise too at the next day's after-noon and her name was Monazzalah, and God ordered Adam to engage her to his son Japheth [Arabic: Yafeth] and so he did. Then Seth had a boy and Japheth had a girl, then God ordered Adam when they grew and been mature to let them marriage each other and so he did and she gave birth to the chosen of prophets and messengers.

Then said Al-Imam Al-Sadiq (PUH): And woe to them who said about the matter of the marriage of brothers and sisters, so the marriage of Japheth and Seth with the two nymphs Nazlah and Monazzalah was for a wisdom and a secret that was kept in the knowledge of God and only He know it and no one else, and the brains of Adam's descendants is far from understanding the true aspects of such things, and Man was created as a fool. To surrender to the real thing is a must, especially if it was beyond the abilities of human beings and can not be reached with their thinking nor their dreams.

It is mentioned by them (PUT) also that God, the Exalted, ordered Adam (PUH) to put the heritage of prophecy and wisdom within Habeel and teach him about it and about whatever God ordered with and whatever God prohibited, so then when he did that and Qabeel knew about what happened from his father Adam toward his brother Habeel he got angry and opposed his father and said: am I not the older than Habeel and deserve this more than him and you should have put me before Habeel?

So he said to him: O son, the matter is not in my hands but in the hands of God and God only made it for him and I did not do it for by my wishes, but that was from an order from my Lord, so if you do not believe, give a sacrifice and whoever God would accept his sacrifice then he is the one to be chosen and receive the heritage of prophecy. At the time, the acception of a sacrifice was to be hit by fire from heaven and burn it, and if it is not accepted no fire would come and it won't be burnt.

Qabeel was a man of agriculture so he sacrificed with bad wheat, and Habeel was a shepherd and so he sacrificed with a fat sheep, then a fire came from heaven down over the sheep of Habeel and burnt it and did not touch the sacrifice of Qabeel, so then Qabeel got so mad and Iblis came to him and whispered to him and said: if you had children and your race became numerous, then for sure the children of Habeel would be proud over your own children for accepting of the sacrifice of their father and not accepting yours,

and that God made it special for Habeel to take the heritage of prophecy instead of you, and that would make you with your children worried and humiliated, and if you killed him you would cut off his branch and relax your children from all these troubles and hardness, and your father would not find anyone to take the heritage but you to win.

Then his soul seduced him to kill his brother and so he did. Then Iblis the damned did say to him: the fire that accept the sacrifice and burn it is called the Holy, so make it holy and build a house for it and make some people to worship it so it would accept your sacrifice and the sacrifice of everyone that worship it and be sure to worship it in a good manner and take care of it if you want to do so. So, Qabeel did whatever Iblis ordered him to do and so he was the first to worship the fire and built houses for it and so he became a disbeliever in God.

He killed his brother in Basrah in the Kiblah (prayer niche) direction of the mosque of Al-Jame', and at the day that Habeel (PUH) was killed, his wife Nazlah the nymph was pregnant and she gave birth to a boy that was called by his grandfather Adam (PUH) Habeel as his father's name, and we have mentioned before that Adam got, after Habeel murder within a time, a boy and called him Seth then Adam said this is te gift of God [notice: Seth or Sheth means The Gift] because he was born after some time after the murder of Habeel and after Adam stopped contacting Eve (PUT) for his sadness upon Habeel because Habeel had a great position towards God, and because it is the first great murder to occur on the face of earth between his sons and children,

and when the gift of God Seth (PUH) got older and mature, we said that God, the Exalted, sent down for Adam a nymph called Nazlah as mentioned before in the shape of a human and God ordered him to engage her for his son the gift of God Seth and so Adam did so and then she gave birth for a boy from the gift of God Seth as mentioned before, then she gave birth for a girl also from him and called her Hooriyah [meaning: a nymph] so then God ordered him to engage her for Habeel the son of Habeel and so he did,

and when the days of Adam (PUH) were to be over, God ordered him(Adam) to bequeath to his son the gift of God Seth and give him the heritage of prophecy and wisdom and ordered him to be silent and keep it a secret to avoid his brother Qabeel to not envy him and kill him as he did with Habeel. It is mentioned also that when Qabeel killed his brother Habeel he did not know what to do with him so God sent two crows and they fought together until one of them killed the other then the killer dag a little hole with his claws and buried the killed one,

and that was just to show Qabeel how to bury his brother Habeel (PUH) then Qabeel said what it mentioned in the Holy Quran "Woe unto me! Am I not able to be as this raven and so hide my brother's naked corpse ? And he became repentant"(Al-Ma'idah: 31) and so he dag a hole for him and buried him. Then after he buried him Qabeel got back to his father and his brother was not with him,

so then his father Adam (PUH) said to him: where did you leave your brother Habeel? Then Qabeel did say to him: and dd you send me as keeper for him? Then his father said to him and he felt the evil and what he did with him: go with me to the place of the sacrifice and when he reached it he knew that he was killed and Adam (PUH) showed sadness and regret for losing him, and he got sad a lot and cried for him forty days and nights, and his murder was at the end of the month on Wednesday and for this Wednesdays were always days of ill-luck and in special the last Wednesday of the month.

It was been told also that when Qabeel killed Habeel (PUH), the beasts, lions and birds and whatever types of animals got disturbed and departed because of their fear and every type followed its own type after they were all mixed together and used to live with human beings and do not go away from him, but after the son of Adam killed his brother they departed. It has been told that the people that would be tortured the most at the doomsday are seven persons,

the first of them is the son of Adam who killed his brother, and Nemrud (Nimrud) who argued Abraham about his Lord and threw him in fire and two from Israelites that made their people Jews and Christians and the pharaoh who said I am your exalted god [meaning the pharaoh of Moses, and it might be Ramesses II], and two from this nation [nation means here either Islam nation or only the Arab nation].

We have mentioned before that Adam (PUH) lived for nine hundreds and thirty years and this is the most famous and he was buried after his death in a cave in the mount of Abi Qubays and his face towards the Holy Kaba, and mentioned that God sent to Noah (PUH) while he was in the Ark to go around the House for a week and so he did then God ordered him to carry with him the corpse of his father Adam [in Arabic you can point to the grand father of someone by father as well] to Kufa [a city in Iraq was a capital for the Islamic rule during the rule of 'Ali ben Abi Talib PUH],

so he got to the water and got out a tomb carrying the corpse of Adam (PUH) and his bones and carried it in the heart of the Ark then he went around the House as God desired then he got back until he reached the gates of Kufa in the middle of its mosque from where did the Ark move and from there the people departed as well as the animals, then he (Noah) took the corpse of Adam the father of Human beings and buried it in Kufa in Al-Najaf where lies the Prince of Believers (PUH), and where there is the tomb of Noah himself (PUH), and everything was by order from God and He knows everything better.

The great historian and the owner of Moruj Al-?ahab [Fields of Gold], Al-Mas'udi, mentioned in it (the book), from the Prince of Believers (PUH) a story related to the concept of creation and some of the conditions of Adam (PUH) I would like to mention it here for this occasion and for what it contains from recent facts and brightful clues to assert the truth and refute the lies, and mentioned in it cases that its measurement aren't doubtful,

and I did not see it in Nahj Al-Balaghah, so he said: he said (Prince of Believers PUH) when God desired to Predestinate the creation and Making the livings and Invent the Inventions, He made the creation in a picture of dust, and that was before the creation of earth and lifting of the skies, and He is in His Throne and with His own power, then He released a part of light from His own light so it got sprinkled, and Took out some of His own brightness and it got bright then the light gathered in the middle of that hidden pictures and that matched the picture of our prophet Muhammad (PUH), then God, the Exalted one,

did say: you are the Chosen and the one that keeps My light and the treasures of My guidance, so for you I make the earth and Wave the water and Lift up the skies, and Make the rewards and punishments, paradise and hell, and Make your Household for guidance and Give them from My wisdom that nothing would make troubles for them and nothing hidden would make them tired, and Make them the rulers over My livings and the warners for My power and My uniqueness, then God took their testaments for Himself being a Lord, and their sincerity for Himself being One, and before God took whatever He took over His creation,

He selected Muhammad and his Household and Showed them that guidance is with him (the prophet) and the light is with him and the leadership in his Household, then God hid the creation in His divination and Hid it in the deeps of His wisdom, then Created the worlds and Waved the water and Excited the foam and Raised the smoke, then His Throne floated upon the water and then He made the earth upon the water's surface, then He called them to obey and they answered, then God created the Angels from lights that He did create and souls He did invent and combined believing in Him being Holy One with believing in the prophecy of Muhammad (PUH) and so it was made famous in the heavens before he was sent on earth, and when God created Adam, He showed his virtues for the Angels and Showed them what special wisdom he has when he was asked about the names of things,

so He made Adam a sanctuary and a door and a qiblah [destination of the prayer's face] to which He made the faithful and spiritual and the lights prostrate towards, then He warned Adam for His secret and Showed him the seriousness of what He made it a fidelity for him after He called him an Imam (leader) among the Angels, so his luck of goodness was for what did he carry from our lights, and still God did hide this light by time until it appeared with the prophet Muhammad (PUH) and he invited people in secret and in public,

and he (the prophet PUH) recalled back for the keeping of the testament that he gave in the world of atoms before coming into a being, so whoever went along with him and took from the lamp of light that is given would be guided to his path and would be clear on his matter, and whoever been fooled deserved the anger,

then the light transferred to our senses and got brightened in our Imams, so we are the lights of heavens and lights of earth, so with us the safety and from us the secrets of wisdom and for us the endings of matters, and with our Mahdi the leadership would be over, the last of Imams and the saviour of the nation and the source of issues, so we are the best of the creation and the most honest believers and the leaders by the commandment of God, so let him be in grace who believes in us. Finished what Al-Mas'udi transferred from the master of Believers the prince of Believers (PUH)

Then said Al-Mas'udi in Muruj Al-?ahab, page twenty three, part one, published by Dar Al-Raja', Baghdad, this is what was mentioned by Abi Abdullah Jafar ben Muhammad from his father Muhammad ben 'Ali from his father 'Ali ben Al-Husain from his father Al-Husain ben 'Ali from the Prince of Believers 'Ali ben Abi Talib (PUH), over. Then said Al-Mas'udi: what is found in the old testament (Torah) is that God started the creation on Monday and finished in Saturday and for this they had Saturday for a holiday, and people of the new testament (Injeel) claimed that Messiah (PUH) stood up from his grave on Sunday so they had this day as a holiday.

[seems the emphasis on this paragraph is put here because Al-Mas'udi is a Sunnite scholar and is put here as a clue from a sunnite book on the value and level of the Household of the prophet Muhammad, which is something denied by the creed of Sunnites. But also I might be mistaken with that.]

And what is believed by the public, from scholars and tracers, is that the starting was on Sunday and the ending was on Friday and in it the soul was breathed into Adam and it is the sixth od April, then Eve was created from Adam, and lived in paradise for three hours of that day, so they stayed for three hours and it is the quarter of a day by two hundreds and fifty years from this life's years, and Adam was down on Sarandeeb (Ceylon),

and Eve in Jeddah, and Iblis in Bisan [might be a city in Turkey or Iran], and the snake in Asbahan (Asfahan). So Adam fell down in India on the island of Sarandeeb on the mount of Rahoon (?), and on him the leaves that he covered himself with from the trees of paradise, so it got dry and the wind sprinkled it and spreaded it over India, so it is said and God only knows, this is why the good scents and perfumes are brought from the land of India, because of these leaves.

Then said Al-Mas'udi: when Adam fell down from paradise he got out of it with a packet of wheat and thirty rods from paradise trees, carrying several types of fruits, ten of them from these who have a shell and they are: Walnut, Almonds, Hazel, Pistachio, Poppy, Chestnut, Bitter orange, Pomegranate, Banana, and Oak, and ten of them from these who have a pulp and they are: Peach, Apricot, Plum, Date, Mountain ash, Nabk (lotus jujube),

Hawthorn, Jujube, (balsamadendron africanum) [could not find the translation for this word at all],and wild plum, and from these who have no shell nor pulp, and they are ten also: Apple, Quince, Grape, Pear, Fig, Raspberry, Citron, Snake cucumber, Cucumber, and carob. Then he said: it is said that when Adam and Eve fell down from paradise, they fell apart, so then they met each other in the position called 'Arafah and for this meeting this position was called like that.

He mentioned also that people of the Book [meaning Christians and Jews] claimed that Adam engaged the sister of Habeel to Qabeel and the sister of Qabeel to Habeel and differentiated in marriage between two pregnancies, then he said: and Magians claimed that Adam did not refuse the marriage between two pregnancies and he did not check about it and they have for this a poem claiming in it the virtue and goodness in engaging a brother to his sister and the mother to her son..etc.

Al-Mas'udi showed also some matters about Habeel and Qabeel and investigated about it, until he said: it is said that he killed him in a desert, and it had been told that that was in Damascus in Syria, and he killed him by injuring with a stone, until he said: when he killed him, he got buffled and did not know what to do with the body, so he carried him and walked across the lands then God sent a crow (raven) to another crow so it killed the other and burried him, so Qabeel regretted and said what the Quran did say about him "Woe unto me! Am I not able to be as this raven and so hide my brother's naked corpse?" then he burried him, so when Adam knew about it he got sad, afraid and frightened ... etc.

Then he said in Muruj Al-?ahab: Then God inspired to him (to Adam) I'm going to extract from you My light that is the guide in the pure worshipping and the honourable stumps of trees, and I will make it the one with pride among all the lights and Make him the end of prophets and Make his Household the best of leaders and viceroys and I will make the end of time by their end and Full up the earth with their allegation and Spread it among their followers so stand up,

tuck and purify yourself, sanctify and praise and go to your wife and she is clean because My deposit will be transferred from you to the boy coming from both of you, so Adam did it with Eve so she became pregnant at the same time and her forehead got shone and the light got brightened from her eyes until her pregnancy was over she had give birth to a breeze like the finest of all the males and most respectful and prettiest in shape and most complete in his look-likes and fairly created, accompanied by light and dignity, covered with pride and majesty, and so the light transferred from Eve to him so it was brightened in his forehead and rose in his face,

so then Adam called him Seth the gift of God, and so until he got older, Adam did give him the heritage and told him the responsibilities upon him and told him that he is a leader by God after him and His viceroy on earth and the doer for the rights for God, and he is the second transmission for the Holy Nucleus (Atom). Until Al-Mas'udi said: and Adam did appoint Seth over his(Adam) kids and it is said that Adam died after having forty thousands of his children and grand children, until he said: Seth did rule the people and legislated by his father's Books and by what was revealed upon him from books and laws.

Then Seth gave the heritage to his son Anush and told him about the deposit and told him the honour of this deposit and that it is their honour. Then told him also to warn his children one after the other about this honour and let everyone of them give its heritage to his descendants and make it among them as a will(testament) transferring as long as the race did exist.

So the will kept on moving from century to century until God gave the light to 'Abdul-Mottalib and his son 'Abdullah the father of the prophet of God (PUH) then he said: At this position the people of creeds did differ, and some of them believed in ascribing and some of them believed in selection. These who believe in ascribing are Abadhites (it is a band from Al-Khawarij) [Al-Khawarij, people popped up on the surface during the war between 'Ali ben Abi Talib PUH and the prince of Umayya, Mo'awiyah in Syria upon the leadership of the Islamic nation.

They believed that the rule should be to God without any need to have a viceroy nor a prince, nor 'Ali nor Mo'awiyah] and they are the followers of 'Abdullah ben Abadh Al-Tamimi as mentioned in Majma' Al-Bahrain for Al-Torayhi [a book's name], and the people of Imamism from the followers of 'Ali ben Abi Talib (PUH) and the purified from his descendants who mentioned that God never left an era of time without a man that rule by God's commandments either a prophet or a viceroy appointed by God's prophets and viceroys by names and description.

And the people of selection are some scholars and Al-Mo'tazala [people of some creed] and some bands of Al-Khawarij and Al-Morji'ah [a band that do not judge on anyone but leave it to be on Doomsday], and lot of the people of Hadith and public, and some bands from Al-Zaydiyah [a band of Shiites that believe in Zayd ben 'Ali ben Al-Husain, the grandson of 'Ali ben Abi Talib PUH, to be an Imam and a leader or caliphate. Still common in Yemen], so all of these claimed that God and His prophet appointed to the nation to select their leaders, and some eras might have no viceroy doing the commandments of God, and it is the protected Imam for the Shiites.

He mentioned that Seth (PUH) is the source of the race after Adam (PUH) among all his children. And at the time of Anush the son of Seth, Qabeel which is called by a lot of people as Qayen [that is Cain] was killed, and Al-Mas'udi always mentions his name as Qayen the son of Adam, and he is the killer of his brother Habeel (PUH).

Anush did live for nine hundreds and sixty years. Anush did have a kid called Qaynan (Cainan) and died when he was nine hundreds and twenty years old, and they say his death was in July after he got a son called Mahla'eel (Mahalaleel) and he did live for eight hundred years and he had a son called Lud and the light is inherited and the testament is taken. And Al-Mas'udi said: it is said that lot of diversions were founded at the time of Lud, founded by the descendants of Qayen (Qabeel) and he is the killer of his brother Habeel.

There were wars between the descendants of Lud and Qayen and stories, all were mentioned in the book of Al-Mas'udi "Akhbar Al-Zaman" [i.e. Tidings of Time], and also there were wars between the children of Seth and their mates from the children of Qayen, then he said: and most of this race [maybe he means the race of Cain] is in India, and the life of Lud the son of Mahalaleel expanded for seven hundreds and thirty two years and died on March,

and after him came his son Akhnukh and he is Edrees [i.e Enoch] the prophet may peace be upon him and his fathers the purified and his children the chosen from prophets and viceroys, and the Sabaeans believe he is Hermes (and it means) Mercury, and he is what God said about in his holy Book "And We raised him to high station"(Maryam: 57) and he was the first to sew and stitch. And God revealed on him thirty pages, and Adam (PUH) got twenty one pages before,

and on Seth it was revealed twenty nine pages contained the praising and sanctifying, and after Enoch comes his son Matushaleh [i.e. Methuselah] so he built up the lands and the light in his forehead and he got children and people did talk a lot about his children and they say that Russians and Slavs are from his children and his life was for nine hundreds and sixty years and died in September, and after him came his son Lamak [i.e. Lamech] and during his days there were accidents and lot of differences and died after seven hundreds and ninety years..etc what is mentioned by Al-Mas'udi we copied it by sentences for a time and by summary at another and God is the Good Donor and He is the Knower of all matters.

Adapted from: "The Life and the Tales of the Prophet Adam (pbuh)" by: "Abdul-Saheb al-Hasani al-'Ameli"

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