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The marriage of Adam and Eve

What was mentioned about the marriage of Adam and Eve from the Household members (PUT) is that when God created Adam (PUH) from sand and breathed in him from His Spirit and Made the Angels prostrate before him, he got asleep, and while he was sleeping God created Eve as He did create Adam (PUH) from a mud of the same type of the mud of Adam or from the remains of his mud, and Made her stuck to his side in a position between his hips, and that to make woman belonging to man.

When God founded the soul into her she moved and Adam got awake for her movement, and she was called to move away from him, and when Adam looked at her he saw a pretty creation that looks like him but she was a female, and talked to her and she spoke with his language, then he said to her: who are you? So she said: a creation made by God as you can see. Then Adam talked to his Lord and said: O Lord,

who is this creation who I got amused for being with and looking at? Then said God, the Exalted: this is My slave, Eve, would you like her to be with you for your amusement and talk with you and be under your command? So Adam said: Yes O Lord, and thanks and praise be to You as long as I live.

Then God did say: ask for her engagement from Me, for she is My slave and she is the one for lust too. And God dropped the lust over him(Adam), and he did say: O Lord, I ask for her engagement for myself, what would make You satisfy? Then God did say: My satisfaction would be to teach her My faith.

Then Adam (PUH) did say: that would be for You O Lord, as long as You want it. Then God did say: I wanted so, and she is your wife for what I have asked you to do, so take her to your side. So then Adam (PUH) accepted that and been satisfied, then Adam did say: come to me, then she said: but you have to come to me, then God ordered Adam to go to her and so he did, and if it wasn't that women would go by themselves to men to make engagements, and this is the story of the marriage of Adam and Eve.

It is famous in the public that Eve was created from the left rib of Adam, and this was denied by members of the Household (PUT), it was been told that when Al-Imam Al-Sadiq (PUH) was asked about this matter and the questioner showed that is it famous in the public that Eve was created from the left rib of Adam,

so then Al-Sadiq (PUH) did say: praise be to God and Exalted He shall be above all what they say, who says that God did not have the ability to create a wife for Adam but from his rib and make a way for who talks in ill manner to say that Adam got married to himself as long she is made from his rib, not for these people did God judge between them and us.

From Al-Imam Al-Razi [famous medicine and science man and some say he was a Shiite and got his teachings and wisdom from the Imams of the Household PUT, and God only Knows] in his interpretation for God's saying "O mankind! Be careful of your duty to your Lord Who created you from a single soul and from it created its mate"(Al-Nesa': 1) : what is meant by this mate is Eve, and about the creation of Eve from Adam there are two sayings, the first: and it is the most common, that when God created Adam, made him sleep then Created Eve from one of his left ribs,

so when he got awake and saw her, he got inclined to her because she was made from one of his parts. This saying was supported by the saying of the prophet (PUH): the woman is made of a rib, so whenever you want to make it straight it would be broken and if you left it bent, you would enjoy it. This is what they said and God only knows, for supporting their believe and claims.

The second saying: and it is the choice of Abi Muslim Al-Asfahani: what is meant by God's saying "and from it created its mate" meaning from its type and it is like God's saying "He created for you helpmeets from yourselves"(Al-Rum: 21) and like His saying "by sending unto them a messenger of their own"(Al-Imran: 164)

And there are explanations and opinions and discoveries made and born by the ideas of philosophists and it was not the first flask to be broken in Islam, for there are so many inventors and makers, and God did say "follow not that whereof thou hast no knowledge" (Al-Esra',Bani Isra'il: 36) and "Assuredly conjecture can by no means take the place of truth"(Yunus: 36) and "Hath Allah permitted you, or do ye invent a lie concerning Allah?"(Yunus: 59) and "Ask the followers of the Remembrance if ye know not!"(Al-Nahl: 43)

The truth is what was said by the members of the Household (PUT), and they know better. And it is necessary to remember that what is agreed on by logic and as transfered by speech that God, the Exalted, Is able to Create anything anyhow He likes, and when He created Adam (PUH) from sand, He was able to Create Eve also from sand, and as long it is that way for what purpose He , the Exalted, would create her out from one of his (PUH) ribs but to be against what the Household do say,

and what was said by the Household is what goes along with the good thinking and would be accepted by the straight mind, and if the creation of Eve from his ribs, after his existence and the completeness of his creation and being breathed in and making the Angels prostrate before him as they claim, that would require getting his rib out after falling asleep to create Eve in something appears more like a surgery as done by the physicians these days like cutting and pulling out stones and opening the abdomen,

after putting under the chloroform and it is something that would make the bereaved mother laugh, and if they meant by all that that she was created from the remains of his mud and his sand and not his rib after his creation, then it is as said by the Household of Muhammad the Chosen, and so no difference, but why do they say his left rib? maybe they meant from the his sand remains and God knows better and it is all up to Him and no power except by Him.

Adapted from: "The Life and the Tales of the Prophet Adam (pbuh)" by: "Abdul-Saheb al-Hasani al-'Ameli"

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