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Summary of The Story of Adam (PBUH)

The summary of the story of Adam (PUH) is that God told His Angels that He will make a human from mud (or clay) and He ordered them to prostrate before him whenever He breathe in him from His Spirit after his creation and they did obey the commandment of God and so their prostration was for honour and not for worshipping,

but it is a worshipping for the Commander because God does not command someone to worship someone else but Him, so God created Adam from mud and Made it then black mud altered and when that mud turned to be clay He breathed in him from His Spirit and so it was a living human made of meat and blood and bones and nerves and feelings and senses,

moving with will and choice and intelligence and sense and feel, so then God made all of His Angels prostrate before him, but Iblis was commanded also with them because he was considered to be one of them and he got a command over them and he was among them and so he was meant by the command also but he denied and refused and rebelled against his Lord's command for he was proud of his origin and so he said: am better than him.

Thou createdst me of fire while him Thou didst create of mud, and so God exiled him out and Damned him and Made shame upon him, read with me the book of our Lord from the chapter of Al-Baqarah: And when We said unto the angels: Prostrate yourselves before Adam, they fell prostrate, all save Iblis. He demurred through pride, and so became a disbeliever (34) and in the chapter of Al-A'raf: And We created you, then fashioned you, then told the angels: Fall ye prostrate before Adam! And they fell prostrate,

all save Iblis, who was not of those who make prostration (11) meaning that We did create the father of human beings and he is your origin and you are his children, so We did create for him a creation for you, and in the chapter of Al-Hijr: Verily We created man of potter's clay of black mud altered, And the jinn did We create aforetime of essential fire, And (remember) when thy Lord said unto the angels: Lo! I am creating a mortal out of potter's clay of black mud altered, So,

when I have made him and have breathed into him of My Spirit, do ye fall down, prostrating yourselves unto him. (26-29). And in the chapter of Al-Kahf: And (remember) when We said unto the angels: Fall prostrate before Adam, and they fell prostrate, all save Iblis. He was of the jinn, so he rebelled against his Lord's command. Will ye choose him and his seed for your protecting friends instead of Me, when they are an enemy unto you ? Calamitous is the exchange for evil-doers.(50),

and in the chapter of Sad this is also included, and the Holy phrases had been mentioned to disaprove the deeds of the damned Iblis and to rebuke him for not obeying the commandment of his Lord and his Creator for prostrating before Adam (PUH), and his rebel and refusal to prostrate for his pride in his origin and that he is the one to be prostrated before and not Adam that was created from mud, for he is created from what is better which is the fire and it is better than the mud, and he showed the maximum refusal and rebelling against the Exalted and the Almighty one and God promised him with hell for refusing His commandment so he asked for a delay until the doomsday,

as a reward for his worshipping and whatever was before and so the Wise and Just one answered his request and gave him the delay until the doomsday, so after the damned got his request of the delay and his days got lengthened as much as this life's days, he took a stand against Adam and his descendants and promised to seduce them and make most of them unthankful for God except the honest faithful slaves of God, so God promised him and all who follows him from the descendants of Adam that they would be all in hell.

The clues for this in the Holy Book are found in many holy phrases in many chapters. In the chapter of Al-A'raf God did say: And We created you, then fashioned you, then told the angels: Fall ye prostrate before Adam! And they fell prostrate, all save Iblis, who was not of those who make prostration.He said: What hindered thee that thou didst not fall prostrate when I bade thee ? (Iblis) said: I am better than him. Thou createdst me of fire while him Thou didst create of mud, He said: Then go down hence!

It is not for thee to show pride here, so go forth! Lo! thou art of those degraded, He said: Reprieve me till the day when they are raised (from the dead), He said: Lo! thou art of those reprieved, He said: Now, because Thou hast sent me astray, verily I shall lurk in ambush for them on Thy Right Path, Then I shall come upon them from before them and from behind them and from their right hands and from their left hands, and Thou wilt not find most of them beholden (unto Thee),

He said: Go forth from hence, degraded, banished. As for such of them as follow thee, surely I will fill hell with all of you (12-18), and in the chapter of Al-Hijr it is mentioned in twelve phrases, and in the chapter of Al-Isra' (Bani Israel) in five phrases and in the chapter of Sad in nine phrases and so on from the Holy Book. Gid did Show grace to Adam and his wife (PUT) by letting them live in paradise and made it open to them except a tree from its trees and Warned them to not eat from it for a wisdom He knows better than any on His creation, He is never asked for what He is doing and they will be asked,

but their enemy Iblis didn't leave them alone and started to try to trick them and seduce them and did his best with that, approaching them from every side and way until he got over them and tricked them so they grabbed from it and started to eat by his whispers and his seduction and he swore to them that he is a sincere adviser unto them,

and told them that your Lord did not forbid you from eating from this tree unless eating from it would make you angels or immortals and so death never reach you, so he said to Adam: shall I guide you to the tree of immortality and an endless sovereignty? and he swore that he is an adviser, until Adam forgot that he is his enemy that denied to prostrate to him and that God warned him (Adam) about him (Iblis) by His saying: Therefor we said: O Adam! This is an enemy unto thee and unto thy wife, so let him not drive you both out of the Garden so that thou come to toil (Ta Ha: 117).

So then when they ate from the tree so that their shame became apparent unto them, and they began to hide by heaping on themselves some of the leaves of the Garden, and that caused them to be out of paradise and God rebuked them for their refusal and eating from the tree, so then Adam regretted and started to apology for his Creator and his Master, but the wisdom of the Most Wise one judged to let then out. So then the Exalted one said: Fall down, one of you a foe unto the other! There shall be for you on earth a habitation and provision for a time, Then Adam received from his Lord words (of revelation),

and He relented toward him(Al-Baqarah: 36,37) and so God guided him and Chose him, read with me the Holy phrases for this matter, in the chapter of Al-Baqarah: And We said: O Adam! Dwell thou and thy wife in the Garden, and eat ye freely (of the fruits) thereof where ye will; but come not nigh this tree lest ye become wrong-doers, But Satan caused them to deflect therefrom and expelled them from the (happy) state in which they were; and We said: Fall down, one of you a foe unto the other! There shall be for you on earth a habitation and provision for a time, Then Adam received from his Lord words (of revelation),

and He relented toward him. Lo! He is the relenting, the Merciful (35-37) and there is the same in the chapter of Al-A'raf in seven phrases and the same in the chapter of Ta Ha in nine phrases. And when you meditate through the meanings of these phrases by meanings of the tradition you will find that Adam (PUH) did not disobey his Lord as to rebel against Him nor he was someone harsh and unmerciful, but the damned tricked him and made him astray as Iblis the wicked one wanted,

and as if Adam (PUH) was an ear that believes everyone that comes with good tidings that does not conflict with his religion (belief) and does not stand against his Lord, O how is the heart of Adam is filled with passion and how pure is it, and how great is the faith of Adam in his God and how great is the mercy of his God and His relenting, and so his Lord relented toward him and Guided him and Chose him to be a prophet and a viceroy on earth,

and Revealed upon him the laws and rules of His religion for what is allowed and what is not from his deeds and manners and everything about his religion that God assigned for him and for his children, and that they are responsible after satisfying the conditions of responsibility legally and logically, and then God revealed upon him twenty one pages and you passed on about his conditions as mentioned by the Household (PUT) before and how God taught him a thousand thousand tongues,

and it might be the languages of birds and beasts and every animal and the languages of whatever that will be born from his children until the end of time like Syriac and Hebrew and Arabic and so on of whatever is founded in our time and taught him the names of the prophets and saints and viceroys and especially the names of who are the reason for creating this creation, and they are Muhammad the Chosen and 'Ali and Fatima and Al-Hasan and Al-Husain (the martyr) and the nine protected from the descendants of Al-Husain (PUT).

And when the Angels knew about Adam being a viceroy on earth and knew that there will be corruption from his children and descendants and they checked the corruption even before in the world created before Adam by Djinn and others, as pointed before, the objection from them is accepted for it is as a question from the one that does not know about the wisdom behind his creation and foundation, so the dedicated their speech to the Holy Exalted one, and said: Wilt thou place therein one who will do harm therein and will shed blood,

while we, we hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee? (Al-Baqarah: 30) so the purpose of their objection is to understand the secret of this creation, but not to make the deed of the Wise and Exalted one as a wrong doing, for they know that He, may praise be to Him, Does nothing that oppose the wisdom for He knows everything possible and every living things before their existence, and He warned them and told them that He knows the secrets in this creation far more than what they know,

and He knows what they show and what they keep as a secret, and He appointed to him (Adam) what they (angels) do not know, so God said in the chapter of Al-Baqarah: And when thy Lord said unto the angels: Lo! I am about to place a viceroy in the earth, they said: Wilt thou place therein one who will do harm therein and will shed blood, while we, we hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee ? He said: Surely I know that which ye know not (30). And the objection from them for what we had pointed out before, how and they are the honoured slaves that do not say before Him and work by His commandments.

We've pointed out before that all the names that God taught to Adam and Angels did not know were names of people or the most important part of such names and they are the names of the prophets and messengers from his descendants after they had been pictured and showed for him and the name of our prophet Muhammad (PUH) and his twelve viceroys that came after him and end up with Al-Mahdi, and especially the five Chosen of The Cover [the story of the cover is well known for shiites and the tale is told in some occasions for blessing.

The five that came under one cover one day are the prophet and his cousin 'Ali ben Abi Talib then followed by his sons Al-Hasan and Al-Husain, then at the end, by the daughter of the prophet and the wife of 'Ali ben Abi Talib, Fatima], whom their lights are founded on the leg of the Throne before the creation of Adam by two thousands years, and they are: the Chosen (the prophet), Al-Mortadha ('Ali ben Abi Talib), Al-Zahra' (Fatima), Al-Mojtaba (Al-Hasan), and the fifth Al-Husain ben 'Ali (PUT), and by them God did relent towards Adam when he prayed and asked God by these names so then God relented toward him.

We don't mind that some of the names that God taught Adam (PUH) are names of all the species in the paradise that he were in and species on earth and the languages, and everything he might need..etc. And we mind that they were names of what Adam needs and feels and touches and whatever he needs from drinks and foods and clothes and leaves of trees and their branches and fruits and the like.

And some people did follow this path and interpret it by his own opinion, and that is the teacher Mr. Abdul-Wahab Al-Najjar when he said: And what I understand is that He taught him about everything in the paradise of Aden and Inspired him and Gave him the ability to put names for everything he did see there from plants and their parts and trees and fruits and branches and leaves and pulps and all the tools that were there and everything that were there from animals and their parts for he needs them.

Then he said: it is known that the knowledge of Adam about such things is natural, instead of the Angels who need nothing of that for they do not need food nor drink and do not do anything of that ... etc. What is issued by the mentioned teacher, and by meditation, you will find it is not in its correct place, and he made a mistake or had an absence of mind towards truth and reality, look in page five from "tales of the prophets" for Abdul-Wahab Al-Najjar,

third edition, and in page six he said: some people exaggerate about things and claim that God taught Adam everything was and everything will be and Showed him pictures of such things, whatever was there and would be there, and Adam called everything with its name, and this is an exaggeration that I do not incline to believe in, but I'm inclined to believe that he named the things that came under his senses.

The complete wise and sane noble if he noticed the Director of the words of wonder to the Angels and the inhabitants of heavens from the world of light and spirit is the Almighty, the Knower, and the Founder for everything and the Lord of livings and He is the one that noting can be hidden before Him on earth or in heavens.

So do we imagine that the Creator of every great thing Would teach the father of prophets and messengers, the father of Muhammad and 'Ali and the rest of his Household, He would teach him something that surprises the Angels and the Arch-Angels like Gabriel and Michael and Israfeel [Israfeel might mean Raphael,

for the close relation of letters and sounds in both names] and the Angel of death (Azrael) (PUT), and teach (Adam) them a wisdom that is unreachable by their senses, and of high level and weird to them, and what is it, it is only names of what he eats and drinks and names of the leaves of trees and its fruits and its pulps and its shells as it is understood by the teacher of universities and colleges of education or the teacher of the Islamic history in the college of "origins of religion" (Abdul-Wahab Al-Najjar) and he is the one that his opinion is inclined to this interpretation for the phrases of God,

the Exalted, and their interpretation is not known except by God and those who are of sound instruction, and God did say "follow not that whereof thou hast no knowledge"(Al-Isra'/Bani Israel: 36), "Assuredly conjecture can by no means take the place of truth"(Yunus: 36), "Ask the followers of the Reminder if ye know not"(Al-Anbiya': 7).

The Remainder is the Holy Quran, and the followers are these whom it was revealed in their houses and they are the one that was sent to all the people and the end of the prophets Muhammad ben 'Abdullah (PUH) and his viceroys after him (PUT), and the people of the Household know better, Oh what a sorrow.

Read with me the holy phrases that are the clues for this occasion and then meditate through what I've mentioned before and what these phrases contained, then give me your judgement and your wisdom if you have it. The Exalted one said in the chapter of Al-Baqarah, phrase 31, "And He taught Adam all the names, then showed them to the angels, saying: Inform Me of the names of these, if ye are truthful" and phrase 32, "They said: Be glorified!

We have no knowledge saving that which Thou hast taught us. Lo! Thou, only Thou, art the Knower, the Wise", and phrase 33, "He said: O Adam! Inform them of their names, and when he had informed them of their names, He said: Did I not tell you that I know the secret of the heavens and the earth ?

And I know that which ye disclose and which ye hide" ..etc, and the sayer of the previous commnents (Abdul-Wahab) did realize how great is this creature so he said: it is well known that the leadership of Adam on earth has a high-level meaning of God's wisdom that the Angels did not know, because if God did make the leadership for the Angels on earth, the secrets of this universe would not have been known neither whatever is kept in it from its properities and the deep sciences..etc, and thanks is for God only, and no other God but Him, He is our Judge and the Trustworthy.

This is what we wanted to say about the conditions of the father of human beings and their mother, Adam and Eve (PUT), and pray be upon the one sent with the truth as bringer of glad tidings and a warner, the master of messengers and the end of the prophets Muhammand the Chosen and upon his Household the pious and the most righteous of his chosen mates, and thanks to God the Lord of all.

Adapted from: "The Life and the Tales of the Prophet Adam (pbuh)" by: "Abdul-Saheb al-Hasani al-'Ameli"

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