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The First Declaration Muhammad (s.a.w.) Proclaiming Ali (a.s.) his Successor

Muhammad, who had delivered the speech with full religious fervour, was disappointed to find the whole assembly silent, some wondering, others smiling with incredulity and derision.

No one was forthcoming to accept him as spiritual guide. Muhammad seemed to feel sorry for them. At this juncture Ali, the favourite cousin of the Prophet, stepped forward, but Muhammad bade him wait till one of his elders came forward. The Prophet vainly tried thrice. At last Ali, disliking the ridiculing attitude which the assembly was now adopting, impatiently came forward for the third time and enthusiastically declared that not only did he believe in Muhammad to be the Apostle of God, but that he offered himself, body and soul, to the good pleasure of the Prophet. "O Prophet!" said he, "1 am the man; whosoever rises against thee, I will dash out his teeth, tear out his eyes, break his legs, rip up his belly. 0 Prophet, I shall assist thee, and I will be thy vizir over them." Thereupon Muhammad, throwing his arms round the brave and courageous youth and pressing him to his bosom exclaimed : "Behold, my brother, my vicegerent and my successor (or Caliph). Let all listen to his words and obey." Hearing this, the whole assembly, with loud contemptuous laughter, ironically exhorted Abu Talib to bow down before his son Ali, and yield him-obedience. Thus dispersed Muhammad's guests with hatred in their hearts and derision on their faces.

Thomas Carlyle in his 'Heroes and Hero-worship' says : "The assembly broke up in laughter. Nevertheless it proved not a laughable thing; it was a very serious thing. As for this young Ali, one cannot but like him. A noble minded creature, as he shows himself now, and always afterwards; full of affection, of fiery daring. Something chivalrous in him; brave as a lion, yet with a grace, a truth and affection worthy of Christian Knighthood."


"Ali started acting as the bodyguard of the Holy Prophet even when he was just a lad of thirteen or fourteen years.

The young men of the Quraish under the instigation of their parents used to throw stones at the Holy Prophet.

Ali took up the work of acting as his defender; he fell upon those young men, broke the nose of one, teeth of the other, pulled the ears of the third and threw down the fourth. He often fought against those who were older than he, was often hurt, but he never forsook the self- imposed duty. After some days he got the nick name of Quazeem (the breaker or thrower) and nobody dared to throw anything at the Holy Prophet when Ali was around, and he would not allow the Holy Prophet to go out alone." (Aavan Vol. 111 Page 280).

Adapted from: "Ali, The Magnificent" by: "Yousuf N. Lalljee"

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