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Physical Appearance and Features of Ali (a.s.) as a Youth


Ali was a man of medium height with very big black and piercing eyes; one look at him was sufficient to know his radiant qualities of heart and head. He was muscular, had broad shoulders, powerful arms, broad chest, strong and roughened hands, a long and muscular neck and a broad forehead. He had a superb head with a face as noble as the man himself. His nose was straight and his mouth beautifully formed. The mobility of his face reflected the receptive mind and the fiery vigour of his intellect, but when he was in repose, all who came in contact with him received an ineffable impression of his spirituality.

His profound and magnetic personality remained with him during his later years. The physical fatigue of incessant warfare, combined with the mental exhaustion that arose from having to deal with endless conspiracies and political treacheries was to leave its mark on his personal appearance.

Tabranee says : "He used to walk with very light tread and was vety agile ii his movements, had a very smiling face, very pleasing manners, a jovial temperament, very kind disposition and very courteous behaviour. He would never lose his temper."

Adapted from: "Ali, The Magnificent" by: "Yousuf N. Lalljee"

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