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Muhammad (s.a.w.) Proclaims himself a Prophet

In the fourth year of his Mission, Prophet Muhammad was commanded by Allah to give warning to his near relations : "Warn thy relatives of nearer kin," Sura XXVI213; so he invited them to an entertainment, with a view to carrying out the Commandment. A meal, consisting of a large cup full of milk with bread made of one sa' (about 31- seers) of wheat flour and meat, was arranged by Ali, according to the instructions given to him by the Prophet. Forty of his relations of Banu Abd-al-Mottalib attended, among whom were the Prophet's uncles, Abu Talib, Abbas, Hamza and Abu Lahab; Muhammad laid this seemingly frugal repast before them and tasted it himself beginning with the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

They all followed and ate to their fill, but to their surprise nothing was finished; everything appeared as it was when served. Abu Lahab got up, exclaiming that Muhammad had enchanted them all, and the party broke up. Muhammad could not say a word and they left; but he soon invited them again to a like feast, and this time he addressed them thus : "O Sons of Abdal-Mottalib! I know no man in all Arabia who brought for his kindred a more excellent thing than that which I have brought for you. It will serve you in this life and in the life to come. Will you believe me, I ask, if I tell you that an enemy of yours is to fall upon you by day or by night?" They all replied with one voice that they believed him to be a truthful man. Thereupon he said, "Then know you all that Allah has sent me to guide man to the right path, and has commanded me to call first my near relations, to invite them to His Holy Will and to warn them against His Wrath.

You have seen the miraculous feast you are entertained with, persist not in your infidelity. 0 sons of Abd-al-Mottalib! Allah has never sent a Messenger but that he appointed one, his brother, heir and successor to him from amongst his own relations. Who therefore will henceforth be assisting me in my noble work, and become my brother, my heir and my successor? He will be to me just as Aaron was to Moses."

Adapted from: "Ali, The Magnificent" by: "Yousuf N. Lalljee"

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