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The Easy Way to Stop Smoking

If you are looking for help to stop smoking, do not think much. This is because there is a quit smoking method available that can help any smoker quit smoking immediately, willingly and of course permanently. The best part with this method is that it does not cause you any withdrawal pangs, weight gains and no shock tactics involved. It is a process that is relaxing and enjoyable till you extinguish your last cigarette after which you will never feel like smoking again. This easy method is Allen Carr’s Easy way.  Read on to know more!

Allen Carr’s EasyWay to Stop Smoking

Established in 1983 Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking has been a blessing to most smokers. It is the world’s most acclaimed method to quit smoking. An easy and instantaneous method it removes the need and the desire to smoke. His method provides accurate information. Allen Carr’s EasyWay comes with 90% chance of success. It’s proven, and the method is known to have helped about millions of smokers for 26 years and in 39 countries.

How does Allen Carr’s EasyWay Method Work?

Allen Carr’s Easy Way method works the opposite way of the will power method. It focuses on why people continue to smoke in spite of knowing all the disadvantages.

The Fears that keep people hooked to smoking-

  • Fear that one will go through an awful trauma to quit smoking.
  • Fear that one will have to live life without the pleasure of smoking.
  • Fear that one might not be able to completely relieve oneself from craving cigarettes.
  • The fear that one will not able to enjoy life since he or she won’t be able to handle stress.

Allen Carr’s method works to relieve the smokers of the above fears and help them become happy non-smokers. The method is such that smokers do not feel they are deprived of anything nor do they feel that they have made a big sacrifice. With this method the smokers feel a huge relief and as sense of freedom. Also, the smokers feel only a slight nicotine withdrawal compared to other methods where depression and misery grips the smoker. The simple instructions in the method make nicotine withdrawal barely noticeable to the smoker. The Easy Way method to stop smoking is so popular with smokers worldwide because it removes the conflict of will. This method does not involve application of needles, nasal sprays, inhalators, nicotine patches or gum. It isn’t any gimmick or substitute.

Allen Carr’s Stop Smoking books have been published in 57 countries and in 38 varied languages. This method is also available is different forms like DVD, audio version, video game and webcast version. There are hundreds of clinics that help and support smokers to quit smoking following the Allen Carr’s method. The clinic experts are extremely sympathetic and understanding towards smokers. Alcohol sessions and weight control training are offered in few of the clinics. Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking also offers corporate service to companies to stop smoking in workplaces in a simple and effective manner.  There are many celebrities all over the world who have taken refuge in this method. Corporate clients who sought help from Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking are IBM, Nestle, British Airways, Microsoft, Unilever, Sony, Ford etc.

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