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Stop Smoking Programs

There are several ways to quit smoking. You can stop it naturally with the help of your will and family support or you can break the habit with the help of prescribed drugs and other therapies. If you are determined to stop smoking, take a note of the stop smoking programs discussed below. You will know how you can become a non-smoker just by trying the programs.

Stop Smoking Programs

There are numerous programs available to help a smoker quit smoking. Each program work differently for every individual and are known to be effective. Here are some of them explained.

Aversion Therapy

This is a method where the smoker administers a mild shock to himself from an ordinary 9 volt battery when he or she smokes a cigarette. However pharmaceutical companies are reluctant to add this therapy to their health products as they do not find it user friendly.

Herb Supplements

Herbal stop smoking products are supplements to help you quit nicotine addiction. These stop smoking herbs reduce the cravings for cigarettes and also reduces the nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine replacement treatments include nicotine gum, patches, nasal sprays and inhalers. The downside of this is that, nicotine is addictive and you are replacing one form of nicotine with another.

Free Stop Smoking Programs

Numerous programs are there that are offered free. Some are offered by the health plans provider and some by the worksites. Free smoking programs are also offered by doctors and former smokers who have overcome their addiction and wish to share their story.

Free Stop Smoking Aids

The American Cancer Society provides a variety of free stop smoking help online. They will provide you with sufficient reading material about the harmful nature of smoking cigarettes. Their help is extremely motivating when you know the harmful effects of smoking.

The American Lung Association offers their support online. This is a popular smoking cessation program to help you quit nicotine addiction and cigarettes. Nicotine Anonymous another program to stop smoking will provide face-to-face discussions on your initiative to break the habit of smoking. This program can be accessed by calling the directory assistance and asking for the local chapter. It has 12 steps and the meetings are free of charge.

Free Help to Stop Smoking

You can also try and see what the local health centers in your neighborhood offer. These programs are often offered y non-profit organizations. The local church or other civic groups also hold such programs to help smokers quit smoking. These programs are similar to the ones used for fighting drugs and alcohol.

Dr. Oz’s Stop Smoking Plan

Dr. Oz’s Plan is the most popular plan of its kind. It has a few basic steps which are to be followed and they are-

  • Executing the Self Exam on addiction
  • Print the date on a sheet when you plan to stop smoking completely
  • Make sure you walk for 30 minutes everyday
  • Discuss with your doctor
  • Prepare yourself for the first tobacco-free day
  • Avoid taking a puff
  • Try to handle anxiety efficiently
  • Make sure you have enough support to help you go through the phase of withdrawal after quitting

Following the above programs will surely bring about positive results and you will be a former one day. You only need to believe in yourself and structure you thoughts that you can do it.

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