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The Child and Personality

Teaching the child the enjoyment of his certain convenient moments of privacy in his room is .one of those factors which determine the extent to which the child develops his independent personality. The child needs even more consideration from the parents, especially from the father, when the child is girl.

Where there is more than one child, the need for their moments of common privacy will still be the same and should be respected by their parents all the same.

Besides, teaching the child his own needs of the moments of privacy will teach him also to respect the parents' moments of privacy which the holy Qur'an too mentions in the verses 24 : 58, 59. Such training serves as a mould for the rules of polished decorum within the family and ensures respect and decency among the members.

Let us remember that the first human experience even before a person is born is that he is "conscious", ("aware", "exists"), and the first thing which he is conscious of is the privacy and comfort of the womb. The human will always prefer his moments of privacy and comfort. Personal privacy is now considered a human right and there already exists laws against its intrusion in many countries. Childhood is no excuse for deprivation of privacy. The excuse is childish!

Adapted from the book: "Child" by: "Mohamed A. Khalfan"

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