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Allow the Child his Moments of Privacy

The son got married. The lingering display of the henna-dyed decorative patterns on the hands of his wife continued to proclaim her as the new bride in the family. The couple were relishing the moments of the conjugal ecstasy (excessive matrimonial joy). otherwise known as the period of "honeymoon". They were the moments to be cherished in the memory and reminisced on the occasion of each anniversary with gratitude to Allah.

However. the honeymoon at home was not perfect in its setting nor the period there- after. The couple would want to steal a few short moments of being together holding hands as and when at leisure and alone in the privacy of their room during the day time which is normal for a newly-wed couple. They couldn't.

The mother continued with the old habit. since the childhood of the son. of appearing suddenly in his room. To her nothing changed nor did she want anything changed. The son and the room both remained the same -within her domain -and her right to it remained the same.

Locking the door meant banning her right. She would be the prosecutor. the jury and the judge in a verdict against the bride as the scapegoat. There was yet another ramification. For the parents to barge in was to cause the son to reveal to his wife his annoyance to this habit of the parents. and consequently he was offering a license to the wife to begin to develop a dislike for them.

It will be no surprise if the son as a child had and still has the habit of curling himself in the bed while in the state of sleep. This of course may not be as much in that fetal (unborn baby in the womb) posture as he was used to when he was a child.

Adapted from the book: "Child" by: "Mohamed A. Khalfan"

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