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The Battle of Truth Against Falsehood

THUS THE BATTLE of Truth against Falsehood began. One after another of the godly ones from the Holy Imam's side went into the field and laid down his life after exhibiting wonderful bravery, courage, valour and prowess. It looked as if the thirst, hunger, heat and the wounds had no effect whatsoever on the patience, the strength and the determination of Husain's devotees. At last when the deceitful Ibna-i-Sa'd saw the wonderful fight, he was astonished that each one from the Holy Imam's side easily destroyed dozens before he fell, and who proved unconquerable, he ordered a sally in contravention of the solemn agreement entered into, the previous night. The bravery and the skill displayed by the faithful supporters of the sacred cause, the matchless resignatiin to the Divine Will, and the flawless devotion and the ideal attachment of each one of tic hungry and thirsty sufferers of the godly camp, to the Holy Imam and to the sacred cause of Truth, drowned the Devil's army and their officers in wonder and astonishment, and they had become so awe-stricken at the miraculous strength and unparalleled courage of the helpless sufferers that they began to dread the very countenance of each of the godly devotees of the holy Imam who came alone into the field and fought and fell in the wav of God.

Thus, whenever a supporter of the Holy cause went against the Devil's forces and fell, the Holy Imam rushed out and brought his body and laid it in a tent pitched particularly for the martyrs. As the battle for Right against Might proceeded and the supporters of the Truth fell one after another, the tent containing the bodies of the martyrs was turned into a 'Ganje Shaheedan' or the 'Repository of the Martyrs.'

Adapted from the book: "Husain; The Saviour of Islam" by: "S.V. Mir Ahmed Ali"

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