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Supervision of the Child

In this stage in order to the success of the child in his education, the parents need to stand to supervise the conduct of the child and to guide him towards good and straight forwardness. The same applies to the supervision of his thought, imagination and emotion with a calm method that is not stimulated. The parents should deal with the child like friends in order to assist him in opening his ways of life.

Supervising the child's conduct in the society is more important than in the house and select good friends for him and prevents him from humoring with bad friends. Punishment should be in necessity if advices and guidance did not benefit. It is compulsory to train child on self accountability and to accept accountability from others in addition to making firm the view regarding divine supervision deep inside him to restrain him from perversion in the absence of the parent's supervision.

The way and method of supervision is left for the parents and all are based on his life awareness and experience. Both parents need to cooperate in this aspect and the mother's supervision of the child whether male or female is more important than that of the father because he is always outside the house for his daily activities.

It is also important to make the child feel that he is not left alone by the parent but his conduct is been observed and supervised. Possibly can corroborates with other people in supervising the child like reliance on the relations, friends in fields of life the parents did not participates like the school and some other children gatherings. Cooperation in this aspect is very fruitful in giving good training to the child and to rescue him from perversion that do occurs in negligence and in heedlessness situation.

Adapted from the book: "The Child's Education in Islam" by: "Ismail Abdullah"

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