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Suggestion and strengthening of willpower

Adapted from: "Sexual problems of Youths by: "Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi"

Suggestion has a critical role in struggle against this habit.
The addicted individuals should regularly suggest to themselves that they can give up this ugly habit completely.

In order to increase and expedite the effect of suggestion, as a French psychologist, (Dr. Victor Pushe) says: They should continue suggestion for several days as follows:

Every day, they should sit in a quiet place, where nothing disturbs them, and focus their mind and repeat this phrase articulately and strongly: I can give up this evil habit completely, I can!

Repeating this simple suggestion has an incredible impact on boosting their morale and withdrawal from this habit and any bad habit. (You can try it.)

Furthermore, we should not neglect reading psychological books written for stabilization and growth of character and strengthening of will power, because as we know and all the addicted succeeding in giving up this evil habit and other undesirable addictions have confessed, the first step in this path is “willpower and resolution”.


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