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Some Messages about the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) - Part 2

· Good Deeds

By his divine nature and good deeds, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did his best to save the wild and rebellious tribe of his time from the fire of ignorance and destruction; in fact, he taught them to respect human dignity.

· Down to earth life style

One of the most important aspects of Prophet Muhammad’s personality is his down to earth life style. With his simple and unassuming life, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a role model for all the followers who are trying to freely ascend from this world’s pathway to the hereafter.

· The harbinger of freedom

Islam is a religion of freedom and liberation. Freedom releases the human beings from all servitudes, constraints and slavery of Satan or other human beings, and the Prophet of Islam was the greatest harbinger of freedom for the human liberty and salvation.

· The Prophet of Mercy

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the prophet of mercy and compassion. With his compassion and generosity, he firmly expressed the percepts and principles of prophetic Shariah (religion) through acceptable practices and he did his best in spreading the real teachings of Islam and its guiding.

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