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Some Messages about the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) - Part 3

· The Source of Goodness

The source of goodness and truth is justice which is an innate characteristic of the Prophet of Islam. Not only did he practically practice justice in social attitudes and government affairs but also he brought up and trained a just successor such as Imam Ali (A.S).

· Ever Bright Light

Although the demise of the great prophet of Islam (PBUH) imposed irreparable damages on the community, the light he turned on has never been extinguished and the pathway he took has never been washed away. Indeed, he is the ever bright light through the course of history.

· The Pioneer of Rational Religious Traditions

Due to its honorable history on one hand and its comprehensibility on the other hand, the Islamic civilization is regarded as one of the brightest human civilizations that can meet all the human’s needs, which was not possible except through strong faith, wisdom and the high thinking of its pioneer in rational religious traditions, that is, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) .

· The Trustworthy Muhammad

Trustworthiness is one of those few features which bring about greatest responsibility for human beings. In other words, trustworthiness is a very heavy responsibility which requires self-improvement and strong will. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had such a great personality trait; indeed, he was always famous as ‘Muhammad Amin’ (the Trustworthy) among the people of his time.

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