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Some Messages about the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) - Part 1

· Heart-Rending Death

O the Prophet of Truth, what can we write or say in your death; indeed, which pen is able to write down or who can talk about this great sorrow, heart-rending death and huge suffering?

· Heavy and sorrowful moments

The sky is waiting on the roof of Prophet Muhammad’s house; it seems as if all the stars have stopped and the earth is not rotating anymore; at these heavy and sorrowful moments, it seems as if it is not Muhammad (PBUH) but the whole prophets who are leaving this mortal world.

· His sadness

Now, he is leaving his Ummah alone; he is leaving this mortal world and going to the eternal one; he is not sad for breathing his last and leaving the earth but if there is a grief or sorrow in his heart, it is due to the newly established Ummah that has accepted a divine school which consequently led it to stand against many foreign and domestic enemies. His agony is due to the Ummah that must not cease its move towards Allah even for a moment. What sufferings he endured and what things he did hear from friends and foes for this movement; if he was always remembering the Ummah in his heart, it was because of his love for the God of Ummah.

· A kind Father

Now “a kind father” is leaving this world, a unique father who is watching his daughter who is impatient and restless. H says to her: “my dear, Fatima, don’t let sorrow touch your heart since you are the first who will come to visit me in the hereafter.”

· Muhammad (PBUH), the Pioneer of Human Revolution

The great Prophet of Islam (PBUH) was a pioneer of human revolution so that all servants of God even the lowest and those unwelcomed could have proximity to their God and could enter the heaven.

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