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Saeed bin Jubayr - Part 3

The Ka'aba

The Prince of Makkah was sitting by the Holy Ka'aba waiting for the horsemen's coming.

The horsemen brought Saeed bin Jubayr. Khalid bin Abdullah al-Qasry, the Prince of Makkah, ordered the guards to tie Saeed's legs to his neck.

A man from Shaam said: Your Highness, the Prince, release Saeed, release him. Don't send him to al-Hajjaj. He'll kill him. Saeed is a good man. May Allah be pleased with you.

The Prince said: If Abid al-Malik ordered me to demolish the Ka'aba thoroughly, I would do to please him.

Abid al-Malik appointed unjust rulers over the Muslims. They did not think about Allah's satisfaction. They thought about Abid al-Malik's.


Al-Hajjaj built a new town between Kufa and Basrah. The town was Wasit. He built a big palace in its center. Besides he built he big prison to torture innocent people.

There were thousands of men, women and children in his prison.

Al-Hajjaj was sitting in his palace. There was a Christian doctor with him. The doctor's name was Tyyadok. The headsman was standing. He was waiting for Saeed.

Saeed came into the palace full of the smell of blood.

Al-Hajjaj said: What's your name?

Saeed answered: Saeed bin Jubayr. (Saeed = happy, Jubayr = unbroken)

No! You're Shaqy bin Kusair. (Shaqy = unhappy, Kusair = broken)

My mother knows my and my father's name.

May you and your mother be unhappy!

No one knows the unseen but Allah.

Al-Hajjaj kept silent. Then he clapped. Some bad men came and made funny movements.

Al-Hajjaj and his guards laughed loudly. Saeed kept silent.

Al-Hajjaj asked him: Why don't you laugh?

Saeed said: There's nothing to laugh at.

Al-Hajjaj said: I laugh!

Thus Allah has created us to be different.

Al-Hajjaj ordered his guards to bring him a big jewel box. Al-Hajjaj began piling the jewels before Saeed. Then he asked him: What do you think about those jewels?

To teach him a lesson, Saeed said: They are good if you spend them for Allah!


To be safe on the Judgement Day.

Again al-Hajjaj kept silent.

Al-Hajjaj beckoned the headman to kill him. The headsman advanced towards the great companion.

Saeed turned towards the Ka'aba with a certain heart. He asked the headsman permission to say two Raka'as. He turned towards the Ka'aba and said: Surely, I have turned myself, being upright, wholly to Him who originated the heavens and the earth, and I am not of the polytheists.

Al-Hajjaj shouted: Turn him away from Ka'aba!

The headsman changed his direction. Saeed said: And Allah's is the East and the West, therefore, whither you turn, thither is Allah's purpose.

Al-Hajjaj shouted: Lay on your belly on the ground!

Saeed said: From it We have originated You. And in it We will bring you back. And from it We will take you out again.

Al-Hajjaj said with spite: Behead him!

At that moment, Saeed looked at the sky and said: Allah, don't forgive him for persecuting me! Punish him for my blood! And make me the last person he kills of Muhammad's nation!

Immediately, the headsman beheaded him. The head fell to the ground and said: There's no god but Allah!

Al-Hajjaj began looking at the continuous flowing of the blood. He was astonished to see the plentiful blood. So, he asked Dr. Tyyadok about the secret.

The doctor said: All those you killed were afraid. Their blood stopped in their veins. So, there was no bleeding. But Saeed was not afraid. His heart was beating normally.

Saeed's heart was full of faith. He was not afraid of death. So, he passed away a martyr.

Al-Hajjaj's End

After that time, al-Hajjaj got crazy. When he slept he saw nightmares. He woke with alarm and said: Why have I killed Saeed bin Jubayr?

Fifteen days passed after that crime, al-Hajjaj died.

Allah accepted Saeed's prayers. So, he was the last person al-Hajjaj killed during his life full of crimes and persecution.

When the Muslims opened the door of the prisons, they found fifty thousand men, women and children. Saeed and al-Hajjaj died in the same year. Their story became a lesson for generations. History praises Saeed and dispraises al-Hajjaj!

Adapted from the book: "The Companions of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w)"

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