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Some Islamic Directives for parents - Part 2

• The belief in Monotheism (Tawheed) and Allah’s pristine Majesty and love towards Him, should be instilled in the children’s heart. They should be taught to remember Allah, and invoke His blessings, whether, starting a meal, finishing it, undertaking something, facing difficulties, etc., and should be taught to thank Allah on achieving their aims. Parents must entertain questions arising in their children’s minds concerning belief, ideology, hereafter, laws etc., providing able answers and clearing doubts.

• Teaching children Allah’s last revelation to mankind, the Holy Qur’an, the way to recite it and understand its eternal wisdom. Parents should encourage children to contemplate on the glorious verses of the Qur’an and their meanings.

• Parents should dissuade children from hearing, watching or practicing forbidden things, or acts and explain their harmful effects and the reason the thing or act is prohibited in Islam. It is a duty to help children differentiate between Halal and Haram.

• Fostering the spirit of Islamic brotherhood among children and expanding their knowledge of the Muslim Ummah and its affairs, its past history and the present situation. At tile same time it is necessary to caution children against the enemies of Islam and their guidable plots to deceive and enslave unsuspecting Muslim peoples. Practical examples can be provided from current events and the recent colonial past.

• The lofty concept of repentance and being generous to a fault should be nurtured in the children. Teaching them to forgive others and offer apologies for faults of their own removes much ill-feeling and promotes goodwill among the society. Ways of seeking Allah’s forgiveness and desisting from repeating a blunder should be encouraged. Of-course parents have the right to use coercion to reform children but punishment should be used as a last resort.

• Instructing children in hygiene and cleanliness, so they take proper care of their boy, clothes and appearance. A saying from the Prophet says: ''Cleanliness is part of faith''.

• Children should be encouraged to take to sports and invest their free time in constructive activities. Islam lays stress on physical training.

• Both male and female should be instructed in their respective spheres. For nature and physique has created them as perfect foils to each other with different responsibilities in life.

• Guiding them to keep away from bad habits which eventually ruin both body and spirit. A novel example is the Western society in which children grow up in violence and moral decadence, reading and watching fictitious comic characters. No wonder today the godless societies of Europe and America are inflicted with dangerous diseases and social breakdown.

We earnestly hope our humble efforts to spotlight the importance of Islamic Education will inspire Muslim parents and children to rally to Allah’s path.

We seek guidance from the holy Qur’an and implore Allah to guide us on the glorious path of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his infallible Household. Ameen.

Source: alhassanain.com

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