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Self Conceit

Self Conceit

Let us talk together about "Self Conceit"

Have you ever been with some one who
remained busy with eating something
without offering some of it to you?

Would you give some of it to me?

Have you ever played with some one
who did not like to lend you any of
his game items?

Can I play with one of your game items?

Such Persons are self loving. Self conceited persons
only think about themselves and they never give
any importance to what others think or
whatever feelings they might have.

When you are accompanied by a self loving person

- How do you feel?
- What do you think?
- What do you do?

When you play with a self loving person:

- Possibly you may be overcome by the feelings of anger and annoyance.
- Possibly you may think playing with such person is not so very pleasing.
- Possibly you may decide not to play with him any more.

Do you want us to play together?

No ... thank you

It is much important that you treat others the
way you wish them to treat you.
For example if you want others to lend you their game items,
so, you must also lend your game items to others.
First of all you must finish your own self love.

May I too join you in your painting?

Of course, not being self conceited does not
mean that you must definitely offer
every thing you have to others.

Oh ... how I can offer my Lolly Pup to him?

For instance you are busy eating something which
is not sufficient enough to be offered, then only
overlook eating that. Always try not to eat
anything in front of some one who does
not have anything to eat.

Do you want us to play together?


If you intend to divide the food
stuff try to do that justly.
This is a good rule that the person who
distributes should take his share after
all the rest of the people.

I divide the cake and you
pick up the piece which
you may like!

OK! I agree.

If you wish that others must not play with your
private game items, it is better that you must
not play with those in front of your playmates,
but that;

- Your playmate does not give any importance to playing with them.
- Your playmates has got other game items to play with.

This red coloured car has a particular
importance for me. Do you wish to
play with this blue one?

Yes, I agree!

Of course there is no compulsion that you share
your game items with others since, it is possible
he may loose or put them out of order. So if you
think it is possible that such a thing may
happen then better keep your game
items at their own place.

Last time this baby handled my toys,
he broke them all. Better, I'd repair
and put them at their place!

When you lend some one something:
- Help him learn to look after that thing.
- Guide him how he can use that thing in a correct way.
- Remind him where he can or can not use that thing.

You can use my tape recorder but before that
let me show you how does it function and
additionally you must promise that you
would not carry it to the court yard.

If you have just one game item then try to treat your
playmates justly and fairly. For instance, you must
fix turns for taking advantage from that sport ware.
And try to make the time of each turn equal.

My time is finished up,
now it is your turn!

The only way of leading a happy life is to
treat others in the same way you wish
to be treated by them.
It means that you should not practice self conceit
because you do not wish that your playmates
and friends who play along with you be
self conceited.

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