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Making Fun of Others

Let us talk to each other about "Making Fun of Others"

Would you help me out in
fastening my shoe laces?

I understand you are old enough to
fasten your shoe laces yourself!

When others annoy you by making fun of you ...
This practice is known as Mockery.

Ha Ha Ha Ha ! The dirty bear is yet unable
to fasten his shoe laces!! Hee Hee Hee Ho!

Has some one ever at all made fun
of the way you dressed up?

Ha Ha Ha Ha !.... He has dressed himself up
the way stupid people do! Hee, Hee, He...

Has some one ever made fun of your
thinking style and sentiments?

I can not believe it that you cry like this
just for a silly film! Hi Hi Hi Hi....

Has some body ever laughed
at what you say or do?

You still use helping wheels like
the beginners Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi....

Have some one ever made fun of anything
which you like or do not like?

Only a trash eater like you can possibly
eat such a thing! Ha Ha Ha Ha....

Whenever someone makes fun of you, you feel
ashamed, disgraced, and perturbed.
And it is possible that you may even loose
your temper and become angry and furious.

Ah! How much you overtax and end up my patience!!

Usually, those who make fun of others mostly take
pleasure from annoying and vexing others.
And enjoy making other furious. So, therefore,
if you show to such persons that you have
become annoyed or lost your temper,
you only make them happy.

If you want to stop those who make fun of others from this
practice try not to indicate that you are annoyed or have
lost your temper. For this purpose ignore those who
laugh at you and do not care about what they say.
If it is not possible for you to overlook them then
take the distance from them. And try not to get
closed to them till such time they continue this work.

It is very important that you treat others just the same
way you wish to be treated by them. If you do not like
others making fun of you then you also do not make fun of others.

Now that he has fallen down from his bicycle it is
my turn to laugh at him. But no ... I will not do it,
this is really not a good thing to do!

It is better that you avoid talking about the problems that you
do not wish other may discuss. It means that you never
at all reveal the secret of others and do not talk about
the secrets and confidential affairs of others.

Good Day!
How do you do!
He has told me that he does not like this friend of his.
And he has wished me not to talk about it to
anyone so I too will not tell that to any body!

It is better that you avoid saying such things which
caused the annoyance of some one,
particularly, in presence of others.

Think of it ... if his friends come to know that
he still wets his bed, what would they say.

It is better that you refrain from talking
such things which harm others.

Look, now, he too became a hair
dresser that one I visited. How
badly has he trimmed my hair!

Look at his hair ... If I tell him he has
gone to the worst hair dresser
he would be much annoyed!

A good manner which you must remember is that:
"If you can not utter beautiful words then
better do not at all say a thing."
If you observe this rule then you could rest
assured that you will never harm anyone.

What an ugly shirt ... I don't like it at all.
But if I tell him about it, certainly, he
would get much annoyed. So it is
better that I must at all not talk about this subject.

Making fun of others harms them,
better never do it at all.

You are the most regular man that I know.

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