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Let us talk about "Disobedience"

If just now you take sweet you will no more
have appetite for food. It is not proper for
you to go to bed without dinner!

When you shirk doing what your parents wish from you,
then this is named disobedience or insubordination.
If your father and mother tell you what to do and
what not. They definitely have reason for that.
So therefore, it is not in your interest to disobey them.

I told you not to touch the Sweets.
I hope you shall not have disobeyed!

If your father and mother tell you what to do
and what not it is because they do not want
that you or others might meet an accident or mishap.

My son! I had told you not to move out
towards the road!

If your father and mother tell you what to do what not,
It is for the reason that they do not want that you
may damage your properties or that of others.

I had told you not to play with it in that way!

When your Papa and Mama tell you what to
do and what not it is for the reason that
they want others to love you.

They do not want to play with me!

I had told you that if you want that
children may play with you, You
must be kind to them!

Your father and mother wish that you must
treat others justly and equitably!

I had told you to gather up your game ware.
It is not justified that, after your game, you
leave them there for others to gather and arrange.

Your Papa and Mama direct you about what to do
and what not to do because they love you.
They pay regard to your friends as well.
In spite of that some times you ask yourselves:
- Why must my parents always tell me what to do?
- Can I not choose my own way?

Why must my parents rule over me!
Can I not be my own boss?

It is better that your parents guide you about what to
do and what not to do, than yourself experimenting
things. They are older than you and on this account
they are wiser than you. Since they had led along
your life than you, therefore, they have spent more
time to learn. As they know the things more than
you they usually guide you as to what suits you.

I knew that if you touch the oven your
hands would burn. This is the
reason I wanted you not to touch it.

It is suitable for you and in your own interest that your
father and mother tell you what to do because they
are responsible for you. If you do some thing
which God forbid harms you or others there
would be held responsible for it and must
pay for the loss and damages incurred.

How much would be the doctor's fees
for the treatment of my son's hand?

To make sure that you obey the orders of your Papa
and Mama they may possible fix punishment and
may even punish and reprimand you, in case you
disobey them. It is possible that as an effect of
punishment you may get displeased and repent
upon disobedience and the bad deed which you
have committed. This thing will become the
cause of your not committing disobedience any more.

I wish my Papa had not taken my tricycle from
me just because I rode it on the road. If he
returns me my tricycle I will no more use
it no the road. I do not wish him to
take back my tricycle!

It is better that you try to remember the following
points that you do not get punished.
- Always keep in view what your father and mother want you to do.
- Always remember those things which your father and mother do not want you to perform.
- Listen carefully to the instructions of your father and
mother. When they talked to you, concentrate all
your attention upon what they say.
- Be sure that you understand the words and conversation
of your father and mother thoroughly. For that purpose
it is better that if you do not follow what them mean, then question them.

My son I don't want you to eat
that chocolate before dinner.

If you do not agree with your parents upon
a matter then do not cry and uselessly
strike your body to the ground.
Talk to them kindle, politely, and in a peaceful tone.
Give them a chance to think over your demand.
May be they changed their decision but
if this does not occur never at all continue insisting.
Your insistence, may become the cause of their
annoyance and your own disturbance.

Although it is before dinner but can't
I take a little of this chocolate?
Just a little of it?

No ... even a little of this chocolate may possibly
finish your appetite for the dinner.

When you have fully understood what is that
your father and mother expect from you. Then
carefully do what they wish from you.

If by chance, a particular disobedience is
committed by you, do not at all tell a lie
before your father and mother.
Lying always worsen the difficulties.
In such cases follow the underlying points.
- Always tell the fact to your parents.
- Offer them apologize from the core of your hearts.
- Do accept your punishments instead
of being unhappy with that.
Remember that your punishment
is due to your own disobedience.
- Try not to disobey any more.

Did you eat some of the chocolate
even after I told you not to eat it?

Yes ... only one chunk!

Very well! ... Now when you have disobeyed
you will not have the right to eat the
rest of it, give it to me!

When you obey your father and mother you please
them and besides rest assured that whatever
you do in that connection is in your interest.

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