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Saeed bin Jubayr - Part 2

The Revolution

Al-Hajjaj busied the Muslims with fights on the borders. He tried to occupy the nearby countries and robbed them of their possessions. In the meantime, he wanted to kill the Muslims to get rid of them. For this reason, he ordered the Muslims to fight continuously.

One day, al-Hajjaj sent a big army to fight Ratbil, the Turkish King. Abid al-Rahman bin al-Ashath headed the army.

Abid al-Rahman defeated Ratbil. Then he sent a man to al-Hajjaj. The man said to him: Abid al-Rahman wants to see the conquered lands. He has ceased fighting to refresh the fighters.

Still al-Hajjaj sent Abid al-Rahman a letter. In the letter, he condemned him. And he ordered him to go on fighting.

Abid al-Rahman understood al-Hajjaj's bad aims. So, he told his fighters about him.

The Muslims hated al-Hajjaj because he was unjust. Besides they hated Abid al-Malik bin Marwan because he appointed him ruler over them.

Abid al-Rahman revolted against al-Hajjaj. The fighters stood by him.

Abid al-Rahman came back to Iraq to topple the unjust ruler. The Muslims supported him.

The Qur'an Readers Battalion

The Qur'an Readers were the most knowledgeable at the explanation of the Qur'an and other Qur'anic sciences. Many of them joined Abid al-Rahman. So, they formed a special battalion called the Qur'an readers Battalion. Kumail bin Ziyad headed the battalion.

The revolutionaries freed vast lands from al-Hajjaj's and Abid al-Malik's persecution. They freed Afghanistan, Kirman and Fars (in Iran), Basrah and Kufa (in Iraq). Abid al-Rahman's Army took part in several fights. It won victories at them.

The Battle of Deer al-Jamajum

Abid al-Malik was afraid of that great revolution. He tried to cheat the Muslims. He said: If the revolutionaries hand over their weapons, I'll dismiss al-Hajjaj.

Abid al-Malik appointed al-Hajjaj and other unjust rulers. He was the cause for all those disasters. So, the Muslims refused his suggestion. And they ordered him to resign. Abid al-Malik sent a big army to help al-Hajjaj.

The two armies met at a place near Kufa called Deer al-Jamajum. A grim foght happened between the two armies. Al-Hajjaj won the the fight. Abid al-Rahman bin al-Ashath escaped to Turkey. Al-Hajjaj's army captured many revolutionaries and executed them.

Kumayl bin Ziyad, the leader of the Qur'an Readers' Battalion, disappeared for a time. He heard about about his people's sufferings. So, he gave himself up to al-Hajjaj. Al-Hajjaj ordered a man to execute him.

To Makkah

Saeed bin Jubayr escaped to Makkah to live there. He chose a valley near Makkah so as no one would know him. Al-Hajjaj's spies looked for him everywhere. Abid al-Malik was even more spiteful than al-Hajjaj with Saeed. So, he sent his private messanger Khalid bin Abdullah al-Qasry to Makkah.

Khalid bin Abdullah al-Qasry arrived in Makkah. The ruler of Makkah was Muhammad bin Salama. Muhammad was addressing the people. Khalid interrupted him and went up the pulpit. He took out a letter. Abid al-Malik had sealed the letter.

Khalid read the Makkans Abid al-Malik's letter. The letter was as follows:

From Abid al-Malik bin Marwan,

To the people of Makkah;

I have appointed Khalid bin Abdullah al-Qasry ruler over you. Hear and obey him. We'll kill the person who aids Saeed bin Jubayr!

After reading Abid al-Malik's letter, Khalid said stormily: If I see Saeed in a house, I'll demolish the house. And I'll demolish the nearby houses!

In the Valley

Saeed knew that Khalid would kill anyone who would help him. So, he did not ask anyone for help. Therefore, he took his small family and lived in a valley near Makkah.

One day, a spy knew Saeed's place. The spy hurried to Khalid to tell him about Saeed. The Ruler of Makkah ordered his guards to capture Saeed.

Some horsemen with swords set out for the valley. They saw a little tent among the rocks.

Saeed bin Jubayr was saying his prayers. The horsemen dismounted. They approached his tent. Saeed's son knew that the horsemen came to arrest his arrest. The son wept to see his father in that terrible state. The father said:

Son, why are you weeping and I've lived for seventy five years. This is a long age.

The father said good-bye to his son. He asked him to be patient. Saeed advanced bravely towards the horsemen's leader. The leader admired Saeed's personality. He was sad to see him praying in the desert. He was sad to see him saying the final good-bye to his son.

The leader said: The Prince has ordered me to arrest you. Escape to any country you like. I'll go with you.

Saeed asked the horsemen's leader: Have you a family?

The leader answered: Yes.

Saeed said: Aren't you worried about them?

The leader said: Allah will save them!

Saeed refused to escape so that the leader would not punish the innocent people. So, he went with the soldiers.

Adapted from the book: "The Companions of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w)"

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