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Saeed bin Jubayr - Part 1

The Beginning

The people in the palace slept. The guards and the soldiers stayed up. They were walking through the porches. They were carrying torches, swords and spears.

Two guards stood at the door of a big hall. Al-Hajjaj bin Yousif al-Thaqafy, the Iraqi ruler, slept in the hall.

The guards said to his friends: I've heard that the prince has become crazy

The other said: His behaviour shows his madness. He has not slept since he killed Saeed bin Jubayr. He always wakes and shouts with alarm: "Why have I killed him?"

I heard him saying to Dr. Tyyadok: "I am always dreaming that I see Saeed bin Jubayr pulling my neck. I heard him saying: "Allah's enemy, why have you killed me?"

The Prince has killed over one hundred thousand men and women. There are fifty thousand men and thirty thousand women in his prisons.

In the meantime, they heard a yell of fear. They heard al-Hajjaj saying: Why have I killed Saeed bin Jubayr?

The guard said to his friend: I think that Saeed bin Jubayr has appeared again.

The other asked: Who was that good man?

Saeed bin Jubayr

His name was Saeed bin Jubair. His surname was Abu Abdullah. He came from al0Habasha. He joined bani-Asad. He lived in Kufa. He was God-fearing.

He was one of the companions of Imam Zaynul Abideen, Ali bin al-Husayn [a].

Saeed loves Prayer

Saeed loved nothing but prayer. He lived a good life with his parents. He obeyed and treated them kindly.

Saeed woke when the rooster crowed. He performed the ritual ablution. He said his morning prayers. Then he read the Qur'an till the sun shone.

One day the rooster did not crow. So, Saeed did not say his morning prayers punctually. He woke after the sunrise. He was sad because he did not say his prayers at the right time. Meanwhile, he was angry at the rooster because it did not crow.

When Saeed looked at the rooster, he said angrily: Why didn't you crow? May Allah not make you crow again!

The rooster had not crowed since then.

Saeed's mother saw the rooster. She said to her son: Saeed, Allah accepts your prayer. So, don't invoke Him against anyone.

Saeed obeyed his mother. He did not invoke Allah against anyone but one time. When did he do that? Let's read Saeed's story together!

Abid al-Malik bin Marwan

Abid al-Malik bin Marwan became a Caliph. He closed the Holy Qur'an and said: I won't read you forever!

Abid al-Malik bin Marwan began practicing a strict policy to continue his government. He appointed unjust people to rule.

For example, he appointed Khalid bin Abdullah al-Qasry over Kufa. Then he appointed him over Makkah. And he appointed al-Hajjaj bin Yousif al-Thaqafy over Hejaz. Then he appointed him over Kufa.

In the meantime, Abid al-Malik bin Marwan ordered his rulers to kill people.


Al-Hajjaj got to Kufa. He was masked. He went up the pulpit. He kept silent for a while. Then he removed the mask and addressed the Muslims: Iraqis! Disobedient! Hypocrites!

He abused them and said: Abid al Malik bin Marwan has given me a whip and a sword! The whip has dropped! The sword has remained!

Namely, Abid al-Malik ordered al-Hajjaj to kill and torture the Iraqis! The whip was used for torturing. The sword was used for killing.

The time of terrorism started. He began killing and imprisoning. He killed many companions. Kumail bin Ziyad was among them.

Along his rule al-Hajjaj killed one hundred and twenty thousand men and thirty thousand women. There were children in his prisons, too.

The Mad Man

Al-Hajjaj persecuted people everywhere. The people in the deserts were afraid of his name.

One day, al-Hajjaj went to a desert. He found a man there.

He said to the man: What do you think about al-Hajjaj?

The man said: He's unjust!

Al-Hajjaj said: What do you think about Caliph Abid al-Malik bin Marwan?

The man said: He's more unjust than him!

Al-Hajjaj said: Do you know me?

The man said: No, I don't! Who are you?

Al-Hajjaj said: I'm al-Hajjaj.

The man shook with fear and said: Your Highness, the Prince, do you know me?

Al-Hajjaj said: No! Who are you?

The man said with fear: One of the Bani Thour. I get crazy twice a year! This is one of them!

Al-Hajjaj smiled and let the man go.

Th man pretended madness. So, al-Hajjaj let him go.

Adapted from the book: "The Companions of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w)"

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