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Romance After Baby

"Nobody told me that I would try to make up an excuse to 'stop by' Grandma's for a visit between dinner and the movie."

-Lacey Goulet, Orlando, FL

"When you go out on your first date post-baby you will have spit up on your shirt, you will call the babysitter at least 15 times, and your breasts will leak, but you will not have any breast pads because they are (of course) packed in the diaper bag!"

-Kelly Shultz, Clio, MI

"Nobody told me that I'd be yawning through the whole date. Luckily, my husband was too!"

-Cris Hennessey, Kings Beach, CA

"Five weeks after our daughter was born, my sister-in-law agreed to babysit while my husband and I went to a movie. Since we'd be gone for several hours, it became necessary for me to prepare for, well, certain logistics. In the car, my husband glanced at me out of the corner of his eye and observed dryly: 'A girl using a breast pump on our way to a movie  -- definitely a dating first for me.'"

-Amy Keffer, Honolulu, HI

"I was looking at my husband and thinking about my baby."

-Yadira Abreu, Puerto Rico

"Even though I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open, it felt wonderful to be in the land of adult conversation again."

-Toby Lee

"No matter how hard we tried not to, all we could talk about was the baby!"

-Linda Henderson, AL

"After all my complaining about being stuck in the house, no one told me that I would make an excuse in the middle of dinner to go home early because I missed my son so much."

-Katrina Barker, Elkridge, MD

"I was so nervous about leaving our 3-month-old son with my in-laws. As I was dressing for the date, I tried on two different pair of shoes to see which one matched better with my outfit. When my in-laws arrived, I got so distracted giving them instructions that I totally forgot I was still wearing two different shoes on my feet. It wasn't until after we were called to our table that I looked down and saw, to my horror, that I was wearing a white shoe on one foot and a brown shoe on the other. So much for a romantic dinner  -- I was embarrassed the entire time!"

-Isis Pinero, Miami, FL

"My daughter is almost 14-months-old and I still haven't had one yet."

-Kayla Garst, KS

"My honey and I went out to dinner about two weeks after our daughter was born, and out of nowhere, this loud and long fart came out. It was so embarrassing! I could have just died, but luckily no one else was around. To this day, he will still bring it up."

-Jessica Gonzales, Arlington

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