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Quit Smoking Using Hypnosis

Hypnosis is often believed to be an entertaining trick for shows and parties where a hypnotist hypnotizes a volunteer and makes him do funny things like roaring like a lion or barking like a dog. However, it is possible to use hypnosis for more substantial purposes. Professional hypnotherapists regularly practice hypnosis to use it for helping people overcome their shortcomings and fears while increasing their ability to cope with various stress and problems.

Hypnotherapy is one of the common aids of giving up smoking used all over the world. The popularity of this method is rapidly gaining popularity among smokers who want to quit smoking tobacco. Hypnosis can help an individual to give up smoking within one hour.

How to Stop Smoking Using Hypnosis?

Generally, the smokers are asked to concentrate on the harmful effects associated with smoking tobacco. Sometimes they are also asked to visualize various unpleasant situations, like dry mouth and cancer, which occur due to smoking. The smokers undergoing hypnosis are also encouraged to believe that smoking is not necessary and they do not want to smoke. Hypnosis also helps individuals to fight the nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Spiegel’s Method, a popular process used to recover tobacco addiction through hypnotherapy, concentrates on 3 basic ideas:

  • Smoking is poisonous for the body
  • One needs his or her body to live
  • One should respect and protect his or her body to the extent he or she wants to live

Does Hypnosis Work To Stop Smoking?

The success rate of the hypnosis process as a stop smoking aid varies for one person to another. In average, one in every four person cannot be hypnotized. Even when an individual is successfully hypnotized, its intensity varies from one to another.

The success of the procedure also depends upon the ability of the hypnotherapist performing the hypnosis. “Journal of Dental Education” published a study in the year 2001, which states hypnosis to be a possible measure for smoking cessation. Researches show Spiegel’s Method to be successful to make around half of the total patients give up smoking within 11 months. However, this program is not supported by the websites of the National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society.

According to various studies using hypnosis for giving up smoking has a success rate of about 66%. It is true that hypnotherapy does not work for everybody; but it can help people to reduce stress, which is among the main triggers for smoking in majority of the smokers.

Self Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Smokers who stop smoking tobacco through hypnosis are given self hypnosis training so that they can repeat the process whenever they feel the urge to smoke. One has to practice this process in a very quiet place as he will be talking to himself. He will have to remind himself about the drawbacks and disadvantages of smoking and why he should quit. The conclusion of the session will be that he should quit. The individual has to communicate it to his subconscious mind that he does not want to smoke anymore. After continuing this process honestly for 2 to 3 weeks, the person will not feel the cravings for smoking tobacco anymore.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Statistics

Here is a review of some researches done to find out the effectiveness of hypnosis for quitting smoking.

According to one study, 39 out of the total 43 consecutive patients having hypnotherapy did not smoke tobacco during the follow-up period of six months to three years. This gives hypnosis a 90.6% success rate in keeping people away from smoking.

Another study, done with 71 smokers, showed that ex-smokers who have given up smoking using hypnosis were twice more likely to stay away from tobacco compared to those who stopped smoking on their own.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Cost

The cost of having hypnotherapy for quitting smoking varies according to the level of experience of the hypnotherapist, the type of hypnosis used and the number of sessions required. Generally, one requires a single session that lasts from 1 hour to 2 hours to stop smoking by hypnosis. Some hypnotherapy centers allow their patients to talk to their hypnotherapists for free before starting the session.

Hypnosis is one of the best methods to stop smoking having a high success rate. It is fast growing in popularity as people who undergo hypnotherapy are more likely to stay away from tobacco for the rest of their lives compared to those who stop smoking on their own.

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