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Stop Smoking Exercises

Exercise plays an important role in helping you to stop smoking. Research shows that exercise has helped smokers to quit smoking. Higher the level of exercise, higher is the level of success. Exercise is a great stress reliever and can replace your reliance on cigarettes. So, if you want to kick the habit of smoking a little exercise can bring a lot of relief.

How Exercise Helps to Stop Smoking?

Exercise helps in bringing about a lot of positive effects. It increases stamina and energy which is otherwise sucked out by nicotine. Nicotine intake results in weight gain but exercise helps in weight loss. Withdrawing of nicotine results in behavioral problems, exercise helps in improving attitudes and behaviour. Exercise minimizes stress and anxiety which gets increased due to nicotine intake. The dependency on nicotine makes the smoker lose faith in himself, which is brought back by exercise. Exercise makes the smoker feel healthy with each passing day and increases self confidence and sense of accomplishment. High nicotine intake changes the appearance of the smoker making him look sick; exercise improves muscle tone and appearance.

Exercise brings about a feeling of well being and improved health due to good blood circulation throughout the body which otherwise was blocked by nicotine. Nicotine in cigarettes takes away the sleep; the smoker stays wide awake most of the time when his body needs rest. Exercise helps to improve sleep and performance at work. Smokers depend on the nicotine to feel high when he feels low or is stressed out but exercise maximizes the release of endorphins in the body that make you feel naturally high. High amount of nicotine makes the smokers look older than his actual age due to lack of oxygen in the blood and muscles. Exercise also slows down the ageing process of the body since it helps in proper circulation of oxygen through blood throughout the body.

Stop Smoking Exercises

Exercise is a great substitute for smoking and it helps to rebuild your lungs after you smoke. The more one exercises, the more one coughs and this clears out the lungs and airways. Experts advise that aerobic and cardiovascular exercises are the best.

How to Get Started?

Sticking to the following tips will help-

  • Set aside a regular time for exercise and find a time that suits you and goes well with your normal routine.
  • You should keep a target of atleast 30 minutes of moderate physical activity on most days of the week.
  • You must try to make exercise a priority. If you can’t keep aside 30 minutes atleast get into 10 minute sessions.
  • Choose activities that you think you can perform confidently.
  • Start slowly and then increase the frequency to more intense exercises.
  • Stick to your plans and you can sign up for a class or arrange for an exercise with someone else.

Aerobic Exercise

This is a physical exercise of low intensity and long duration which depends totally on the aerobic energy system. Aerobic means energy-generating process. Exercises under this are divided into two- indoor and outdoor. Indoor exercises include elliptical trainer, indoor rower, Stationary bicycle, Stair climbing and Treadmill. Outdoor exercises include jogging, skating, running, cycling and cross-country skiing.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercises are those exercises that toughen the cardiovascular system in the body. Exercises like running, swimming, skating, skiing, rowing, walking and stair steppers.

Other Exercises

Dancing and yoga are also good exercises to help you in quitting smoking. Any sports activity will help. Housework and gardening also brings about similar benefits like that of other physical exercises. Family activities like hiking, volleyball, or a simple trip to the beach. You may feel an urge to smoke when you are working. If you exercise the feeling may subside. Few deep knee-bends, walking up and down the stairs, a few push-ups against the wall will also help.

Other Suggestions

Smokers often feel shortness of breath with exercises. Some may find it difficult to stick to an exercise routine. Often the smoker feels bored. Changing the routine or the form of exercise can help. You can also try learning a new sport.

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