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Prophet Andreas

Andreas the prophet was one of Adam's grandchildren. He used to invite people to worship the Unique God and avoid Committing sins. In his early prophet hood, a cruel oppressing king was ruling over Andreas's tribe. He forcefully and oppressively dispossessed people of their lands and properties. once, when the king went out of his palace for merrymaking, he happened to reach a green beautiful meadow. So he asked his ministers;

King : " Who is the owner of this meadow ?"

One of his ministers replied,

Minister : " Your Highness, it is possessed by a faithful man who believes in the unique

God. He lives some where around here. "

King : " Anyway, It's a nice land, and we shall possess it "

Minister : " You shall have whatever you wish, Your Majesty "

King : " Bring him to my presence but right away. "

The agents of the king found the poor man and brought him to his presence.

The king, giving him a glance proudly, said,

King : " You poor man! Is this land yours? "

Man : " Yes, it is. "

King : " All right, you must cede this land to me. "

man : " But I have a family who needs it and its benefits much more than you do. "

king : " So sell it to me and get the money. "

Man : " I can't, My whole family depends on this land. "

The more the king insisted on buying the land, the stronger he rejected the idea. Finally the king got angry and ordered to kill the men and dispossessed his land.

The news of this event was over spread until Andreas was also informed of that. Coming to know that, he went to the king and said,

Andreas : " Wasn't it enough to kill a subject of God? You then dispossessed him of the land, his only property, and put his family into misery too. Beware! For God will take revenge on you and you shall be deprived of your kingdom. "

King : " Get out of here before I order to kill you too!"

Andreas : " My God! Send not your blessings unto this land until I shall request you to."

Andreas got out of the city and God responded to his request. There was no rain for a long time and people were harassed and restless because of the famine and drought.

The kingdom of the cruel, oppressing king was also annihilated and he himself became a prey in the claws of the death. Many years passed without a single drop of rain.

The remorseful people went to Andreas and repented in his presence.

Andreas then asked God to send down rain on them. After his prayers, there came a
productive rain and Andreas took the responsibility of leading his tribe thereafter.

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