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Hazrat Ayyub (a.s.)

Ayyub Alaihis salam got so many diseases that the people of Jabia began to express their dislike for him. They started to tell: Ayyub Alaihis salam is a sinner so that he is afflicted in such a worst condition.

He was expelled from the city of Jabia. Ayyub Alaihis salam with his loyal wife whose name was Rahma binte Afraim bin Yusuf Alaihis salam moved out of the city.They erected a shed and began to live there. Rahma was running the livelihood and she was handling all the affairs of life. In the daytime she was going to the city to earn and provide food for Ayyub Alaihis salam. One day that lady did not get anything to eat, she returned upset and dishearted, she was not having any courage to face her husband. Standing in a corner she was thinking about her husband and she was patient upon the heavenly mishaps.

A beautiful and elegant woman was passing over there she enquired about her worries and uttered: O Rahma! Your hair are very long if you cut a length of it and give it to me I will set them into my hair style instead I will pay you the cost of the hair, so that you can take food to your husband. Rahma trimmed off her hair and gave it to that lady, from that money she bought some food and took it for Ayyub Alaihis salam.

Satan according to his nature created a mischief, he went to Ayyub Alaihis salam and said: The ruler of this place practised an evil act with your wife so the people cut off her hair and Rahma will come back with the cut short hair. Ayyub Alaihis salam hearing this in a fit of rage swore that when he got his health back he will punish her by hitting her 100 whiplashes. He was firm on his swear until he got back his health.

According to a narration he tolerated for 18 years all the pains, diseases and wounds of his body. It was worsened so much that the people gathered around him and said: You must leave this city. The relatives who were in the good days of Ayyub Alaihis salam enjoying the luxuries with him and in the period of disasters they were not kind to them and left them alone. They were only two loyal servants who did not left Ayyub Alaihis salam. They wrapped him in a kanpsack and took him away from the city and passed seven villages. The servants were crying loudly and the people who were watching Ayyub Alaihis salam in this condition criticised and taunted him by telling: What happened to your wealth, status and glory. Ayyub Alaihis salam was patient and thankful to the God Almighty by expressing them: God was given me all the blessing and he had taken it back. Then servants began to believe the people’s criticism and said: If Ayyub Alaihis salam would not have committed the sins so he would not have undergone in such misfortunes and they too left him and went away, only Rahma remained with him and began to take care of him. She prayed for Ayyub Alaihis salam for many years and God Almighty accepted her prayers and addressed her to hit on the ground. She performed it and the two fountains of waters gushed out in which Ayyub Alaihis salam performed Ablutions and got cured and became hale and healthy.

The Omnipotent God to warn the human creatures brings down hardships upon them but never snatches away wisdom, senses of understanding and feelings from them.

In the chronicle the superiority of the Ayyub Alaihis salam was written such that he was possessed a bright face and his heart was filled with love and kindness for others and he was always ready to help and support the old and the weak people. He was not going to sleep and take food until he did not give food to the 10 hungry people. He was not wearing a new dress until he was giving a new dress to the poor and needy.

The Almighty God by imposing trails upon Ayyub Alaihis salam declared to the Archangels, Angles and Satan: Look and be aware our true slaves are like this who thanks and devotes themselves to God, in their Good period of life as well as in their bad period.

After a long period Ayyub Alaihis salam pleaded to Benevolent God to favour him and his prayers accepted, he got cured and became strong and sturdy.

Those two fountains are present in Hauran Damascus where the ailing people get cured by taking bath in it. After regaining his health he remembered that he had swore to hit 100 whiplashes to his wife Rahma.

Jibril Alaihis salam descended and said: Your wife is chaste and unaffected and you swore to whip her. Tie up 100 mint sticks and hit your wife once with the stack of mint sticks so that to solemnise the covenant. Ayyub Alaihis salam followed as he was told so that he should not be among those who break the promise.

Ayyub Alaihis salam was ordered to return back to his store houses. He was informed that all the wheat there was transformed into gold and silver.

The prophets of God went through the trails so that the followers learn the lessons of morals and excellence of character from them.

Sheik Sadduq Rahmatullah Alaih used to say: Hazrat Ayyub Alaihis salam became only ill. It is said that he got insects and pus in the wounds of his body it is not correct.

The God Almighty and Omnipresent blessed Ayyub Alaihis salam with seven children, among them were three daughters and favoured him wealth, cattle, lands, cows, bulls, camels and mules by increasing them many fold. Hazrat Ayyub Alaihis salam lived for 226 years. He was 73 years when the God tested him by trails and hardships. The period of his trail was 7 years, 7 months and 7 days. The day when he got cured the rain of gold showered upon his house.

Ayyub Alaihis salam spread a handful of salt in his lands and the abundant amount of lentils grew in his fields and every body got amazed.

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